41st BMW BERLIN MARATHON on 28 September 2014

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MY JOURNEY – marathon fever at the roadside


The BMW BERLIN MARATHON is clearly highlighted in red on the calendar of Jürgen Tschötschel and his wife. “For us, this is one of the highlights of the year.” The two retirees get up at the same time as the runners and start to prepare. “When the starting shot is fired at 8:45 am, we turn on our TV so we can watch the race live and see how fast the first runners take off.”
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MY JOURNEY: "now inline skating, next time running"


As a woman in the German military, Janine Mälzer had to be tough in the beginning. She found that sport was the best way to get fit and strong. “Back when I was stationed near Wilmershaven, I recall not being able to jog the 500 metres to the gym.” So the woman from Berlin knew she had to change something.
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MY JOURNEY – last test on the journey


For many runners it was the last test on the journey to the BMW BERLIN MARATHON in September: the 6th “Stadtlauf Berlin von SportScheck und BMW”. How it went and how they enjoyed, you can see in our event film …
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MY JOURNEY - "We run and speak Marathon-ish"


While Antonia Noll used to be most at home on the ice, now her surface of preference is the asphalt. Up until her teen years, the young Berliner was a passionate ice skater. “I well remember getting picked up every day after school by my mother. I would eat something quickly in the car and get changed. Once I arrived at the ice rink, it was full concentration at training.”
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MY JOURNEY - "This is our moment."


Being a volunteer at the BERLIN-MARATHON can mean a lot of different things, since there is so many different types of them – Laura Katz tells us about, how she manages being highly motivated on an early Sunday morning and why handing out medals is rewarding even for herself.
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