44th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 24 September 2017

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Rush on the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Anniversary and finish line at the Brandenburg Gate motivate runners from around the world


There are still over five months until the 30th real.- BERLIN-MARATHON on September 27+28, 2003, but the organisers from SCC-RUNNING can already celebrate an unexpected onslaught of registrations.

With already 32,186 registrations (25,837 runners and 6,349 inline skaters) from 76 countries, there are almost 10,000 more participants registered at this time than at the same time last year.

Last year a total of 41,376 athletes (33,007 runners and 8,369 inline skaters) from 90 countries participated in the real,- BERLIN- MARATHON. The organisers haveset the limit for the race this year at 35,000 runners and 12,000 inline skaters.

International travel agencies around the world have booked fixed batches of race numbers in order to be able to guarantee their customers a spot at the start.

The 30 year anniversary of Germanys largest marathon together with the positive changes in the course with the finish line at the Brandenburg Gate, as well as moving the skaters race a day ahead to Saturday, have led to this quantum leap in the number of participants.

“We have rung in the end phase of our advertising in the past few weeks with trips to the marathon races in Paris, London, Rotterdam and to many other races abroad and in Germany, and will attend the marathon in Hamburg next weekend.“ Race Director Horst Milde encourages runners not to wait too long to send in their registrations, stating, “Now, after the big spring races, potential participants in Berlin have to decide soon.“

The online-registration for the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on the internet has developed into the fastest and most important registration form for SCC-RUNNING, with almost 50 % of the registrations arriving online. One can also make a donation at the same time to the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe/German Agro-Action for IRAK-AID at the same time.

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