42nd BMW BERLIN MARATHON on 27 September 2015

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The 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on the internet

Several hundred thousand internet pages will be visited on Sunday afternoon alone


The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON will offer a wide variety of live information along with the inline skating and running events on their website www.berlin-marathon.com. On the days before, during an after the marathon weekend, the Berlin internet server will likely record over a million pages visited. The internet preparation for the 2-day event has already been going on for many weeks.

Alone on Sunday afternoon, several hundred thousand internet pages will be visited. Most important for those stopping in is one thing: the participant results, finding out who came in how fast at www.berlin-marathon.com.
Even during the race one can follow the exact progress of a specific participant. That is made possible by the Championchip timekeeping, worn by each participant on his/her foot.
After the race one can print out a downloadable preliminary certificate. In addition to the results, much more is offered online at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, including numerous live activities.

Since the beginning of September one can once again (for the 5th time) register for the SMS results service.
Participants can submit up to three cell numbers and one email address to receive news of the finishing time immediately after the finish has been crossed. This way friends and family at home can find out how successful the participant was. The average time of the messaging is three seconds after crossing the finish line.

Parallel to the race there will also be a live ticker with news of the race by journalists at the press centre.

Various live stream images will be made available by RBB to give a visual impression of the happenings. Photographers will be underway taking pictures along the course. These will also be available online during the race.

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