42nd BMW BERLIN MARATHON on 27 September 2015

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100-m duel at the Brandenburg Gate ended 1:1 - Hedrick - Voigt

Speed skater Chad Hedrick against cycling pro Jens Voigt


At 2 p.m., the 50-time world champion in inline skating, Chad Hedrick, took on the repeat Tour-de-France cyclist, Jens Voigt, over a distance of 100m in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Chad Hedrick appeared with his speed skates in a good mood at the Platz des 18. März after the marathon. Jens Voigt finished his season last weekend and returned from his vacation for the duel.

53 gear rim
When asked who was going to win, both said with great confidence, “Me, of course“. Jens Voigt rode with a 53 gear rim. Both are endurance athletes in their disciplines. Having taken their starting positions, the race started. Jens Voigt started well, but Chad Hedrick did not really catch the start.

After 100m the victor was clear. A few centimetres before the finish, Jens Voigt threw his hands up in the air and then won just ahead of Chad Hedrick. It was 1:0, and Chad Hedrick did not want to leave it that way. Hardly over the finish, he challenged Jens Voigt to a rematch, who said: "I can’t wimp out in front of all these people!

Chad was ahead
They took to the start a second time. This time they agreed on the starting signal so that Chad Hedrick would not miss it again. The signal was made, and this time they both started successfully. Chad took off at an enormous pace and this time Jens Voigt had a difficult time keeping up. Chad lay ahead the entire time, and Voigt, although he was picking up speed, was not able to catch him.

The score was 1:1, but neither wanted a third race. An even score is still always the best. But they might face off again next year. Chad Hedrick answered the question whether or not he would enter the duel again next year: Yes, I’d be glad to do it again next year.“ And Jens Voigt also wants a rematch: “It was a lot of fun, and if possible, I’d love to do it again.”

Again next year
We can thus look forward to next year—and maybe we’ll then see a duel with Chad Hedrick sitting on a bike and Jens Voigt wearing speed skates.

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