44th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 24 September 2017

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Make it through the skater-BERLIN-MARATHON 2005 with the ChampionChip

Timekeeping as usual for the inline skating real,- BERLIN-MARATHON


Almost everyone has one and knows their number by heart, and it has been a constant companion for the inline skaters for years - tightly secured to their skates. We are talking about the small, round, yellow chip, with which the individual and truly accurate skating time for the marathon can be determined.

So far the timekeeping for the inline skating real,- BERLIN-MARATHON has been kept exclusively by the tried and true ChampionChip.

It was certainly disconcerting for some of you that on the internet and in the current running information it was stated that the timekeeping for the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON for inline skaters 2005 had not yet been set.


As part of our attempt to constantly perfect our events, we have been looking into ways to find a skater-specific improvement for timekeeping.  Several aspects had to be deliberated:  the costs, weight, performance, organisation, and last but not least, the question of the mats installed on the ground.

No more danger posed by the mats

Great improvements in the mat installation have been made over the past few years. By reducing the number of mats, as well as improving the securing and angle of the mat edges, the mats no longer post any inherent danger.

After consideration of all aspects, we have decided once again to work with the well-tried timekeeping with the ChampionChip for the upcoming MARATHON. One of the most important factors was the multi-usage of the yellow chips, which so many athletes already possess. No further organisational hurdles or financial costs will incur.

We’ll see you at the season finale in Berlin

We wish you all a successful skating summer and hope to see you again at the grand finale on September 24 in Berlin. We will naturally do our best to offer you an interesting and exciting event over the course of four days during the BERLIN-MARATHON week.

Alexander Uphues

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