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Paul Tergat – Running to the Limit – The Book

In Running to the Limit Paul Tergat also tells a lot about his training program. He gives many tips for everyday runners.


Paul Tergat - finishing with world record 2:04:55 30. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON - september 28, 2003

Paul Tergat has secured his place in the history books not only with his Marathon World Record in Berlin (September 28, 2003 – 30. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON), but also by winning five consecutive titles at World Cross country Championships and breaking various World Records on the track and the road. He is considered as one of the greatest runners of all time.

The gentleman

Running to the Limit illustrates Tergat's way from an average boy who grew up in poverty in a tiny village in Kenya to the Marathon World Record holder and Dollar-millionaire. It shows the triumphs and disappointments that formed him as a human being. Today, the man they call "the gentleman" is admired because of his achievements as an athlete, as well as because of his role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador Against Hunger.

Longtime Coach Dr. Gabriele Rosa

In Running to the Limit Paul Tergat also tells a lot about his training program. He gives many tips for everyday runners, because many of his hints and ideas hold true for record holders as well as for hobbyists. In a special chapter Tergat's longtime coach, the famous Italian Dr. Gabriele Rosa, talks about the secrets of his very successful marathon philosophy.

Running to the Limit is richly illustrated with colorful photographs, many of them as yet unpublished shots from Kenya.

The Author

Jürg Wirz is a freelance journalist and author, based since 1999 in Eldoret, Kenya. He is the founder of a renowned Swiss Running magazine and writes for several journals from Runner's World to the IAAF-magazine. He has also published several books on running.

Jürg Wirz can claim for himself that he knows Paul Tergat like no other journalist. They first met in Nairobi in 1992, where Tergat participated in the national Cross country Championships for the first time. Since then, Wirz has visited him often in his home, and as a journalist he has written about him at several World Championships and Olympic Games.

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