44th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 24 September 2017

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Alan Webb: „I wanted the gold“


Alan Webb
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Alan Webb: „I wanted the gold“

America’s Alan Webb, national champion at the 1,500 m, showed in the final of the World Championships that he might be an uprising star in middle distance running. Though he finished only ninth with 3:41,04 minutes he made an impact. The 22 year-old former breaststroke swimmer got attention already in the semi final. He ran away during the race an finally finished second with 3:36,07 minutes just behind Rashid Ramzi who ran 3:34,69.

It is your first World Championships’ final. How did it work out for you?

Alan Webb: “It was a nice experience to be here; I already have been to the Olympic Games last year and didn’t reach the semi finals. This time I swore myself that I will make the semi finals. That was my biggest desire since I left my home in Michigan. That I did make the final is great. The race was okay, though it was almost like the semi final. Nobody wanted to set the pace and when I saw the 800 m split of 2:03.78 I thought I need to kick-off. I thought the others would be surprised by that and that I might get an advantage from it. But the race was too slow before and so almost everybody was able to speed up. It was all or nothing. I could have tried to get the second or third place, but I wanted to get the gold.”

You are still young and these have been your first World Championships. What do you think you are capable of in the future?

Alan Webb: “I have two years to train hard and stay focused for the next World Championships. I will stick with the 1,500 metres since I see my strength there. I want to compete at the World Championships in Osaka and the year after at the Olympic Games in Beijing. I know that I am able to be in it for a medal. I will try it. Now I will soon finish my season. I will run the 800 metres in Malmö and the 1,500 in Zurich. I don’t know about plans for the indoor season yet. So I can’t say anything about the World Indoor Championships.”

Marisa Reich

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