42nd BMW BERLIN MARATHON on 27 September 2015

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Press conference highlights Saturday, 24th September 2005


Luca Saggiorato (ITA), Team Fila International, winner of the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON for inline skaters in 1:01:21 hours

„It was a hard race and very fast. There were a lot of break aways, so you had to work all the time to stay in front. Because of the many spectators along the whole course Berlin is the best race I know.“

Francesco Zangarini (ITA), Team Bont International, runner up in 1:01:21 hours

„The race was really fast and I could catch Presti just with doing a finish split.“

Massimiliano Presti (ITA), Team Fila International, 3rd place, overall winner of the World Inline Cup 2005 in 1:01:21 hours

„I felt that I am not in optimal conditions. That is why I have worked for my team colleague Luca Saggiorato. I hate it to loose, and if so then there should at least a team member be first. Berlin is my personal number one of competitions. Everything is very professional, there are a lot spectators and a great atmosphere.“

Brigitte Mendenz (COL), Team K2 Empire, Winner of the 32. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON for Inline-Skater in 1:10:43 hours

„The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON was very nice, but it was a hard fight on the long home straight. I have run for the first time in Berlin and I am happy that I could win it at first go. Speed skating is my job, otherwise it would be very hard to run internationally.“

Brittany Bowe (USA), Team Powerslide, runner up in 1:10:43 hours

„I am a 10 time junior world champion and was running for the first time in Berlin. I am an all-rounder and that is a bit unusual for a skater. Normally you have sprinters and long distance specialists. The crowd along the course was so enthusiastic, that was great.“

Julie Glass (USA), Team Powerslide, 3rd place in 1:10:43 hours

„The first part of the race was very aggressive, with a lot of break aways especially of the Kia and Salomon Team. With half way to go it was a bit slower, otherwise we might have broken the world record. In Berlin you run to win, nobody is watching the clock.“

Mark Milde, SCC-RUNNING Race-Director

„The atmosphere along the race was very good because we had so many spectators. We are happy, that the race was so fast. It is a pity that they missed the course record.”

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