43rd BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 25 September 2016

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Surveying seminar in Berlin on the occasion of the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

With the AIMS general secretary Hugh Jones attending and with Kunkeler and Siegfried Menzel (both of Berlin) presiding as "A-Grade" surveyors, much discussion and examining took place


The participants of the seminar—sitting on the left, Hugh Jones, Jan Kern on the right, in the background the Olympic stadium
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Surveying seminar in Berlin on the occasion of the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON Surveying seminar in Berlin on the occasion of the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

The original duties of the national and international associations include the precise surveying and measuring of event courses. In order for records to be recognised internationally, the events must adhere to international requirements and be implemented according to the identical criteria.

For the second time, the real,- BERLIN MARATHON has organised a course surveying seminar during the MARATHON weekend. The seminar for the 15 participants from around Germany took place this year in the facilities of the State Athletic Federation (Landessportbund) at the Olympic stadium in Jesse-Owens-Allee.  The first seminar was carried out together with IAAF/AIMS on September 24-25, 1996, at the Holiday Inn Hotel, the athletes’ hotel for the MARATHON, in Siemens City in Berlin.  The numerous national records, as well as regional and world records, could never be recognized internationally if the event organisers did not adhere to the international regulations and have their races controlled by specialists.


In cooperation with the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, the IAAF
(International Association of Athletics Federation) / AIMS (Association of
International Marathons and Road Races) and the DLV (German Athletics Association) offered a educational seminar in Berlin on Thursday and Friday (September 22-23, 2005) for course surveyors as a testing and verification session with the aim of qualifying the participants as international course surveyors through the IAAF.

With Hugh Jones

After a few words of greeting from the “father” of the BERLIN-MARATHON, Horst Milde, the theoretical and practical requirements for international recognition were discussed and tested, with Hugh Jones attending and with Kunkeler and Siegfried Menzel (both of Berlin) presiding as "A-Grade" surveyors.
Examination and verification

Among others, the following steps were agreed upon:  the surveying protocols are to be sent in to AIMS (via the DLV) to be examined and verified; the IAAF/AIMS and the DLV educational texts and surveying protocols are to be correspondingly standardised; surveying forms are to be made available on the DLV homepage; the surveyor IDs are to be distributed; and the fees for surveying are to be made as unified as possible.
Both the organisers and the participants agreed that a further seminar is to follow in Berlin in the not so distant future.

Jan Kern
Technical director
German Athletics Association

The participants of the surveying seminar in Berlin:

Erwin Eberle;   Gersthofen
Manfred Grabe;  Küsten
Udo Brandt;    Essen
Jörg Schimenz;   Mönchengladbach
Karl Josef Roth;   Konz
Jürgen Jendreizik;   Oelde
Werner Stephan;   Hamm
Tilman Bertsch;  Stuttgart
Reinhold Staubach;   Regensburg
Klaus Hoffmann;   Marburg
Christian Köster;   Paderborn
Wolfgang Timm;   Hamburg
Detlef Matzen;  Hamburg
Uwe Koczulap;   Erfurt
Siegfried Menzel;   Berlin
John Kunkeler;   Berlin
Hugh Jones; London
Jan Kern; Darmstadt

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