44th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 24 September 2017

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  • Medical Care & Health Check

    The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON medical team works in cooperation with a first aid organization to monitor the course and provide medical care as soon as necessary. The medical staff on duty has the right and responsibility to remove any participants from the race, who are demonstrating signs of injury or excessive strain.

    All individuals, choosing to participate in endurance sports, should undergo a medical examination at least once a year. The completion of a 10 km race, half marathon or marathon is not always an accurate indicator of good physical health. It is recommended that all entrants receive a physical examination prior to competing in the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

  • Course

    Strecke 2016

    Stand 2016

    Subjekt to change

    You can also find the interactive map here.

  • Elevation profile

    Stand 2016

  • Time measurement

    Time measurement is done exclusively with the ChampionChip!

    The ChampionChip is a small plastic transponder that has to be fastened on your running shoe (no metal contact!) and will measure your personal race time.

    Your net running time can only be measured if you step on the contact mats laid out on the starting and finishing lines. Likewise, you must step on all mats laid out on the route.

    Intermediate time check - you will be disqualified if your intermediate times are not recorded.

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