September 25, 2021

mini-Marathon of BMW BERLIN-MARATHON presented by AOK

Information at one glance

  • Every participant receives a mini-MARATHON T-Shirt, a certificate and a medal. The best teams of berlin schools will be honoured at the award ceremony a month later.

     the results of 2019 you will find in the results archive.

    Individual Ranking

    There will be no individual ranking. Every school can nominate as many students as wanted. Ranking will be distinguished between female and male stundents. The team ranking considers the 10 most successful runners of one team by adding their results to a total time. In case of single participants, different school teams form a finisher team.

    Mixed Ranking

    Mixed teams (male and female students) cannot be considered. 

    Seperate Ranking

    Sport academies and teams of schools that are not located in Berlin will be ranked seperately.

  • The fastes runner of all will be honored at the day of the event, after the race. An award ceremony for the teams will be held one month after the event.

  • The registration for mini-Marathon is not possible at the moment. Information regarding the registration will follow soon.

  •  Depending on the registration the organisation fee vary as follows:

    • Team registration: 4 € / person
    • Individual registration: 5 € / person
    • Participants change: 8 € / person
    • Late registration: 8 € / person


    Subject to change.

  • The eligibility to participate is as follows:

    • students of a school within the eligible age groups as a school team.
    • Individual participants can only be entered under consideration of school and eligible age group.
    • Teams of a sport club are not eligible to start.

  • The teams will be classified in the following categories:

    • High School male: YOB 2002 and younger
    • High School female: YOB 2002 and younger
    • Primary School male: YOB 2009 – 2012 (6th grade)
    • Primary School female: YOB 2009 – 2012 (6th grade)

    Subject to change.

  •  Please fill in the back of your race number to have first information about you and your contact person in case of emergencies and first aid for quick information. Please include a mobile phone number and a name, especially for primary school children, for possible search requests.

    In the start and finish area there are extensive barriers and no stopping and parking facilities for cars or buses, so please use public transport.

    Parents and training supervisors of teams can be assigned by the schools to supervise school teams and individual participants.

    For safety reasons, parents cannot be allowed to enter the finish area. Teachers and supervisors of school teams receive one accreditation per registered school team for this area. For the information of all parents about the finish area, only the organizers' notes should be used.

  • The time will be measured with MIKA TAG. The MIKA TAG is a transponder, included in the start number. the time will be kept by crossing the mats at the start and finish, as well as on the course.

    Since the MIKA TAG is a one-way-product, a return of the start number is not necessary and can be kept as memory.

  • Opportunities for changing will not be placed by the organiser. There are only limited changing facilities at the start and finish. The organizer is not liable for the loss of personal belongings of the participants or supervisers. This also applies to objects stored free of charge. An accident insurance exists for properly registered students through the Unfallkasse Berlin (school event). The organizer is not liable for health risks of the participants.

    The students/their legal guardian accept the general conditions for participation in SCC EVENTS sports events.

  • The personal data provided during registration will be stored. The stored data will be passed on to commercial third parties (currently Mika timing GmbH, Kürtener Straße 11 b, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach, for the purpose of timekeeping, to other third parties also for the preparation of the result lists as well as for publishing the results online, if approved by the organizer.

    For the purpose of displaying result lists in all relevant media accompanying the event (printed matter such as program booklet and result booklet, as well as on the Internet) the last name, first name, school, nationality, start number, age group and result (placements and times) of the participant will be printed or published.

    The school will obtain the written consent of the parents to the collection, storage, publication and use of personal data of the participants for both the above-mentioned purposes and must be presented to the organizer on request.

    The legal guardians of the participants agree that the photos, film recordings and interviews made in connection with the event may be distributed and published in radio, television, print media, books, photomechanical reproductions (films, video cassettes, etc.) without entitlement to remuneration.

Hall of Fame

Course record 2019
  • High School male: 2:13:37 h  sport academy Potsdam
  • High School female: 2:42:06 h  sport academy Potsdam
  • Primary School male: 2:45:39 h  primary school Rehberge Berlin
  • Primary School female: 3:09:55 h  primary school Rehberge Berlin

Winning teams 2019
  • High School male (S): 2:18:09 h  sport academy Potsdam
  • High School female (S): 2:43:00 h  sport academy Potsdam
  • High School male: 2:30:38 h  High School Schadow Berlin
  • High School female: 3:12:45 h  evangelic school Frohnau
  • Primary School male: 2:59:14 h  primary school "Eigenherd" Kleinmachnow
  • Primary School female: 3:15:18 h  primary school "Eigenherd" Kleinmachnow

mini-MARATHON 2019

 10.032 participants /  528 school teams


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Map of 2019.


Map of 2019.

Finish Area

Map of 2019.




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