45th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 16 September 2018

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Press Conference Highlights - Wednesday, 2004 September 22


Christian Wiesenhütter (vice-president IHK)

„The economy power from real,- BERLIN MARATHON is enormous. The amount of the overall sales volume for Berlin is about 35 million €. There are increasing numbers of participants not only from northern Europe but also from the new EU countries in Middle East Europe. This year the chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) has also some runners and we are looking forward to good cooperation with SCC-RUNNING and the 2nd International congress for endurance and sports medicine which will be held in our building.”

Jürgen Lock, SCC-RUNNING medical Organisation management


The biggest German trade fair for Sport and its products, which is open to everybody, is around 18.000 square meters big. Like every year there will be the race number distribution, Pasta Lounge, trade fair and SCC-RUNNING with its souvenir sales and trouble desk. This year the main focus is sports medicine. For the runners the Medical Team, Doctors and the Sports Medicine Service (SMS) will be available. They are offering a broadly diversified Service for everybody.

About medical supply during the race:

Again the medical staff is very big with its 700 people. Furthermore there will be 300 physios, 70 Doctors and 20 ambulances in action. 38.000 warming cloaks and 400 litres of massage oil will be needed for more than 50.000 Athletes. The medical staff is offered by the Charite, the German Red Cross and the medical faculty of the Humboldt-University. Every treatment, no matter if it is an easy or bad injury, will be documented on a recording letter to evaluate it later for further optimization for next years. Until 15 k there will be mobile units on duty. From 15 km to 36 km there will be so-called accident assistance stations available every 3 km and after 36 km every kilometre.

In the finish area will be a grid plan from DRK and Fire department for faster help.

Important as well is that your race number consists of an ‚emergency passport’ on the back. You can fill it out to make sure that we can assure immediate assistance. In the last year there were more than 1618 treatments, in which the most cases were because of small injuries like plaster, vaseline, etc. There were 50 admissions to hospital but only four had to stay longer. 50% of the treatments were necessary after the finish line (also a few private people). There is a maximum of 10 treatments per medical staff.

Dr. Willi Heepe (Medical Director)

„An US-Study announced that the mortal probability during a marathon runner is slightly less than during normal life. The real,- BERLIN MARATHON is one of the most safely running events in Germany, due to an excellent team from SCC-RUNNING, Police, DRK and Fire department. Nevertheless everybody is responsible for his own health and should go to precautionary examinations. The real,- BERLIN MARATHON offers an optimum of security.“

Dr. Lars Brechtel (Medical Team)

„2nd International congress for endurance and sports medicine will be open up from tomorrow until Saturday, 25th of September. They will present a broadly diversified offer about sport medicine. We expect around 1000 participants and would like to see some spontaneous short-term guests.”

Police of Berlin

„On Saturday and Sunday will be around 700 employees in action. The focus will be the set up of traffic signs (around 6000), the traffic control and – management as well as the transpose from wrong parked cars“.

German Red Cross (DRK) Berlin

„We have a celebration of a jubilee for the DRK this year. It is the 30th time for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON. We also moved forward to a widespread offer with field kitchen (4 for the Pasta Lounge and 8 for the tee station), showers, communication service (connection between Police, hospitals and SCC-RUNNING), 50 First-Aid tents along the course and one mobile hospital with 200 square meters.”

Fire department Berlin

„Since last year there is a dovetailing between hospitals, DRK, local doctors and Police. Thereby a faster and logistic favourable working is possible.

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