44th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 24 September 2017

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35,000 runners as artists - exhibit with the paintings in a gallery



35,000 runners as artists — all have left their marks Exhibit opening in the gallery

On Thursday before the 31st real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, the exhibit "RUN FOR THE UNIVERSE" with works of art by Claudia Nebel was opened in the gallery of the Berlin Water Works, Neue Jüdenstraße 1 in Berlin-Mitte (entrance on the Stralauer Straße).

Tracks on the canvas
Last year during the 30th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, the young Austrian artist was able to incorporate over 35,000 participants of the MARATHON into her artistic idea.
The participants of the MARATHON left their tracks on her 10 x 5 metre canvas, which she laid out across the street as they ran by Berlin Gendarmenmarkt (Markgrafenstraße).

Photographs of the participants
"RUN FOR THE UNIVERSE" is the title of her series of paintings, in which several participants of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON are portrayed. Claudia Nebel took photographs of the participants at the finish of the race at the Brandenburg Gate and then painted the canvas in individual segments. The artwork can now be viewed and purchased at the exhibit.

Claudia Nebel had already presented this idea at the Vienna City Marathon in her own exhibit. At he exhibit opening in Berlin in the gallery of the Berlin Water Works, numerous members of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee Club were present.

Sport and culture combined
Stephan Natz,the publicity manager of the Water Works, opened the exhibit saying that he was pleased to see sport and culture combined in this manner. Horst Milde, as the "Father of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON", mentioned that between 1988 and 1994 the BERLIN-MARATHON offered artists the chance to give the MARATHON an artistic touch through their paintings. Their paintings then appeared on the covers of the marathon programmes.

The original paintings can now all be seen in the AIMS-Sport Museum of Running Berlin. The Sport Museum also plans to have a painting by Claudia Nebel with the title "TERGAT".

Photos: (C) Marcus Strenk

"TERGAT" for the AIMS-Marathon Museum of Running
The gallery is located exactly along the former course of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, which was in use until 2002 (on the left curve of Grunerstraße).
The AIMS-Marathon Museum of Running will also be purchasing one of the paintings titled "TERGAT" – for their own museum collection.

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