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22nd Vienna City Marathon: Shami and Barsosio win while warm weather slows runners

In very warm temperatures of more than 25° Celsius at the end of the

race Mubbarak Shami (Qatar) and Florence Barsosio (Kenya) won the 22nd

edition of the Vienna City Marathon. Shami, who switched nationality

from Kenya to Qatar a year ago, clocked 2.12.20 in his debut marathon.

He was formerly known as Richard Yatich. Japhet Kosgei (Kenya) was

second with 2.15.15 while Henry Serem (Kenya/2.15.26) finished third.


Barsosio won with a big margin of more than eight minutes. She clocked

2.31.40 while Eva-Maria Gradwohl (Austria) was second with 2.39.44.

Ilona Barvanova (Ukraine/2.47.04) took third place. Both winners earned

10,000 Euros of prize money. About 21,500 runners took part in various

races of the Vienna City Marathon, which was once more the biggest

sporting event in the summer season in Austria. An estimated 250,000

spectators lined the streets in the city centre.

“Hot conditions made it difficult for the runners today. Taking this

into account we can be happy with the race. A newcomer has beaten a

number of experienced runners”, Vienna’s elite race director Mark Milde


It had been warmer than expected already in the morning of the

race. At the start temperatures had reached about 20 ° C. It continued

to warm up, which slowed the race. “In cooler conditions I could have

run 2.09 today”, Mubbarak Shami said. “But I felt very strong and did

not fear running alone for a large part of the race.” After Shami had

passed half way in 65.21 minutes he increased the pace. At first Japhet

Kosgei and Degene Regassa Nigusse (Ethiopia) held on but when Shami ran

some sub three minute splits between 25 and 30 k he was soon alone at

front. Beyond 35 k Shami slowed but was in no danger of being caught

again. The next race of the 24 year-old winner will be the World

Championships’ marathon in Helsinki for which he qualified in Vienna.

There were a number of prominent athletes who dropped out in the

hot temperatures. Last year’s winner and course record holder Samson

Kandie (Kenya/2.08.35) had been in the group chasing Shami but stopped

at about 35 k. Vincent Kipsos (Kenya), the fastest man in the field

with a PB of 2.06.52, and Boniface Usisivu (Kenya) dropped out as well.

And the 1996 Olympic Champion Josia Thugwane (South Africa) did not

make it either to the finish line.

“I think the heat cost me five minutes”, Florence Barsosio said. The

Kenyan aimed for a time of about 2.27 although she had already run the

Paris Marathon in April, where she finished second. “At the end of the

race I felt very tired.” The 28 year-old was running alone for most of

the race since she had no pacemakers.


1. Mubbarak Shami (QAT) 2.12.20

2. Japhet Kosgei (KEN) 2.15.15

3. Henry Serem (KEN) 2.15.26

4. Lahoucine Mrikik (MAR) 2.15.45

5. Richard Mutai (KEN) 2.15.57

6. Maru-Shadrad Kipchirchir (KEN) 2.16.18

7. Degene-Rega Nigusse (ETH) 2.16.37

8. Michael Buchleitner (AUT) 2.16.41


1. Florence Barsosio (KEN) 2.31.40

2. Eva-Maria Gradwohl (AUT) 2.39.44

3. Ilona Barvanova (UKR) 2.47.04

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