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3.5 tons of athletic clothing collected at the start of the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON for Bethel

Friedrich von Bodelschwingh transformed the bible phrase “Gather the

pieces left over, let us not waste a bit“ into the philosophy of a

movement that for many decades has been collecting seemingly worthless items

for the Bethel Clothing Drive (near Bielefeld). For one, it helps make it clear

that little things can be of value too, and for the other, the handicapped

people who sort and prepare the donated clothing for resale thus develop a

sense of self-confidence and of playing an active role in society.

This idea was given new life at the impressive setting of the real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON in 2003 in Berlin, thanks to Race Director Horst Milde and his

active Starting Team with Werner Scuda and Roland Winkler. Together we took

advantage of the opportunity to unite the excellent international reputations

of the Bodelschwingh Institute Bethel and the real,-BERLIN-MARATHON in one

event, thus aiding the support and integration of handicapped people. Together

we demonstrated that sport can be an excellent integrative forum for breaking

down barriers and becoming more open towards one another. Wheelchair racers

have naturally been part of the MARATHON for years, and more and more older

athletes are participating at the event of the year in Berlin. People with

physical or mental handicaps also can and want to demonstrate that they are

capable of extraordinary achievements. Together, we can build

bridges—also for the many severely handicapped people who are unable to

participate in races themselves; each one also has an unknown potential that

can be deliberately awakened and developed. “To us, accomplishing

community means living community!“ The great success of the Ecumenical

Run in May 2003 during the church congress in Berlin was a fantastic start down

the common path. The SCC RUNNING team was not only responsible for the entire

organisation of the race, but € 1,111.00 was also collected through the

500 participants, which was put to use for movement and sport therapy. Many


In 2003, the organisers of the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON very successfully

integrated the clothing drive from Bethel into the event. There were numerous

reports about the planned collection event before the race on the internet and

in the press, and we received numerous inquiries concerning it, which made us

proud and confident that it would be a success. The staff from Bethel returned

from the capital with 3.5 tons of used athletic clothing. “Half of the

clothing was so good that we could resell it,“ reported Rüdiger

Wormsbecher, the head of the clothing drive. The usable clothing is now being

sold in the 6 Bethel stores, and the rest of the clothing is being processed

for other uses. Our thanks go out to all of the participants of the Inline

Skate MARATHON on Saturday and to the runners on Sunday. When the clothing was

inspected in Bielefeld, numerous hotel keys were found in the pockets, which

have since been returned to Berlin. Bethel and the real,- BERLIN MARATHON

accomplish community—a great experience and perspective for the


Dr. Lutz Worms

Chief Doctor

Sport Medicine, Movement and Sport Therapy


Tel: 01704557961

For questions or information, please feel free to contact me—or simply

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