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A look abroad – inline skating in Eastern Europe

Inline skating enjoys great popularity, especially in Eastern Europe. More and more people appreciate the dynamic way of movement on wheels. For the SEB 5th Tartu Rulluisumaraton in Estonia, one of the biggest inline skating marathons in this region, skaters from 13 countries are registered. All the neighboring countries of Estonia will be presented, in addition skaters from Byelorussia, Ukraine, Germany, Qatar and Venezuela. So, why not try something new and meet new skating friends?

This year over a thousand participants are expected to the marathon taking place in Estonia from August 13-14. Among others, Alfredo Moreno, Inline Skating Champion of Venezuela and the Winner of Tartu Rulluisumaraton in 2009, takes part. “The marathon is a very spectacular and the most important inline skating event in Estonia. Inline skating is very popular in Estonia, I do not know any other countries, where Prime Minister and First Lady are also active inline skaters“, marks Moreno, owner of many podium places of the World Inline Cup.

There are several renewals in the marathon program this year. „Compared to the previous years the competition distances have grown longer – skaters can choose between 42 km and 21 km race. This change takes us to the same level with the other marathons held all around the world, “ marked Kunnar Karu, Race Director of SEB 5th Tartu Rulluisumaraton. „In addition we have a skate sprint competition held for the first time. This offers an exciting competition for the participants and also a fascinating spectacular for those who have just come to enjoy the sprint“, he adds.

The very first Tartu Rulluisumaraton was held in 2007. Over the years the event has gained popularity, already the second marathon in 2008 was taken part by more than 1000 sports lovers. There are also several VIP persons participated the race, for example Estonian First Lady Mrs Evelin Ilves and Prime Minister Mr Andrus Ansip, both in 2010.

The SEB 5th Tartu Rulluisumaraton is a two day family event. On Saturday, August 13th, a sprint competition and races for children take place. On Sunday, August 14th, the main distances of the marathon are opened. Detailed information about the marathon in Estonias second largest city can be found at