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BMW BERLIN-MARATHON overwhelmed by community feedback

As is well known by now, the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, planned for September 26-27, 2020, will not take place due to force majeure (COVID-19), and it is also not possible to hold the event at a later date this year, as has been shown by a comprehensive feasibility analysis. SCC EVENTS, as the organiser of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, has giving the participants fair notice. Together with the cancellation notice, all participants were offered two options: first, the transfer of the personalised race entry to the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON next year on September 25 (skaters) and September 26, 2021 (wheelchair athletes, handbikers and runners): second, the repayment of the participation fee (100 percent).

Participants had until the end of last week to select one of the two options. After evaluation the responses, SCC EVENTS is delighted and very grateful, that 85 percent of the runners have decided to transfer their personalised race entries to next year’s BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021. In their function as managing directors of SCC EVENTS, Christian Jost and Jürgen Lock were also in awe: "We have always been aware of the strong community spirit of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. This enormous spirit grows from event to event, but the figure of 85 percent of the athletes chosing to transfer their race entries fills us and our team with pride. SCC EVENTS would like to thank all its participants for their great loyalty. In this sense, all signs for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021 are set to green.

Upcoming actions for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021

Under the motto #BERLIN42UNITED - we cannot race, but we will stay united, several actions will be coming up for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON community in the next few months. Until August 16th, for example, everyone is invited to upload a photo online, which can then become part of the official campaign for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021. This gives the athletes the chance to add their photo as we create together a great key visual that conveys the community spirit of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.