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Countdown: Day 39 - the communicative control center

"Communication is everything"; when you do it well. Four employees are working in the communications team of SCC EVENTS 365 days a year to keep all participants and fans up to date. But it's not just about the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and its elite athletes. It is also about all those small colorful stories about the marathon, half marathon and all the other races. More than 14 sport events are organized by SCC EVENTS, so enough to feed the media throughout the year.

In addition to the propagation of news and stories for the conventional print publications like newspapers or magazines, there is also the World Wide Web. From the offices in the Olympic Park Berlin, the Homepage, Facebook and Twitter are administered. Also interview requests are handled and served here. The program, participant info and the results booklet is also part of the job of the communications team.   

During an event the whole team is on site, and reports via Homepage and Facebook from the events. The video camera is often in use as well and a few days after the event video clips give impressions about the race itself.  

Photos also play an important role. The photo library consists of nearly 125,000 photos - some rarities from the early days even still on photo paper.

For the larger events, the communications department is also responsible for the press conferences. In addition to planning and realization of these conferences, they are also responsible for the accreditation process and distribution.  Up to 300 journalists from all over the world report from Berlin about the BMW BERLIN MARATHON.  Promotional brochures, flyer and poster are created by the team as well and issued on a variety of expos and events worldwide.