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Double Start Challenge

Why only skate, if you can run too? About 100 participants have registered this year to compete in both events, double starting in the inline race on Saturday afternoon and in the running marathon on Sunday morning. One of them is 41-year-old Jorge Botero, from Columbia, a former pro skater and one of the most successful inline skaters in the world.

You are best known as a three-time world champion, winner of 35 world championship medals and victor in 15 world cup marathons. This year you registered as a double starter (as a runner and skater). Are you still looking for special challenges?

Jorge Botero: Yes, absolutely. I believe there are different stages in life where you find challenges and keep pushing yourself to keep evolving and enjoying those opportunities. The Berlin-Marathon is a great venue for that, and it is a new challenge to do both the running and skating events.

Is this your first time doing both in Berlin? What is special about doing both?

Yes, and I am excited to do this. The Berlin-Marathon Inline Skating is already challenging on its own, but running it to has helped keep me motivated during the year. That keeps me motivated  to prepare and to do my best at the event. It is not just about the results, but the motivation and the joy of the journey to get there.

Have you run a marathon before?

No, I have done couple half marathons in Colombia, South America, but this is my really first official one and I am looking forward to it.

The times are long gone when you had to decide to be either a runner or a skater. More and more endurance athletes are diversifying their training. What are the advantages of being versatile?

Obviously when you are jumping into this challenge you are looking for a more holistic fitness level. Skating complements so many physical aspects that running cannot cover by itself and so running is good for skating. Preparing for both events means taking your fitness to the next level.

What do you like most about the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON?

I think the Berlin-Marathon is unique because the diversity and excitement makes it possible for everyone to find a way to enjoy it at their own level. The city, the course, the people and the organization make this event unique. It is by far the most complete and thrilling event that I can think of. I strongly believe that if you are looking for a fitness challenge, this is something that you cannot pass up!