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Four Anniversaries in the Running Year 2003

SCC RUNNING will be celebrating 4 anniversaries of well-known races in Berlin

in the running year 2003:

  • 20 years AVON RUNNING Womens Run,
  • 25 years Team Marathon,
  • 30 years real,- BERLIN MARATHON and
  • 40 years Berliner Cross Country Race

Started in 1964, the Berlin Cross Country Run in the Grunewald Forest (and

on the Teufelsberg Mountain), is the "grandmother" of widespread

running and jogging for the general public and mark its beginning and


Since the large running events were started in 1964, Berlin has established

running as a sport for the masses and as a health potion for young and old and

has written national and world wide sport history.

A multifaceted event year for SCC RUNNING with 17 running events and 108,439

participants (95,885 the previous year) successfully came to a close on

December 31, 2002 with the 27th Berlin New Years Eve Run.

From the 1st Berlin Cross Country Run on November 8, 1964 to the 27th Berlin

New Years Eve Run on December 31, 2002, Horst Milde, with his large team from

SCC RUNNING, has organised 329 events with a total of 1,139,913


This will continue on in the anniversary year! On this Saturday there are

only: "3 more months until the 23rd Bewag BERLINER HALF MARATHON" on

April 6.

Preparatory training is offered every Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Tiergarten

park at the corner of Hofjägerallee at the Siegessäule (Victory

Column), in co-operation with the SFB Running Movement.

"The year 2003, with its numerous running and training opportunities

and with the anniversary running events, is geared to offer the Berlin

population even more attractive running events and to make their "mouths

water" to become active runners themselves", according to Milde.

You can already start on Saturday, January 11, 2003 at 2 p.m. at the

Siegessäule (Victory Column). Just come and join in - no registration is

necessary. The numerous running coaches from SCC RUNNING and the SFB Running

Movement are waiting for you.

Successes for SCC-RUNNING and the ranking of Berlin Races


1.29. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON(SCC)41.376 Runners
2.22. Bewag BERLINER HALBMARATHON(SCC)14.709 Runners
3.19. Berliner Frühstückslauf(SCC)11.000 Runners
4.AVON-RUNNING 19. Frauenlauf(SCC)9.426 Runners
5.14. real,- MINI-MARATHON(SCC)7.642 Runners
6.11. City-Nacht auf dem Ku-Damm(SCC)6.512 Runners
7.25 km von Berlin(BLV)6.479 Runners
8.03. Berliner 5 x 5 km TEAM-Staffel(SCC)4.383 Runners
9.31. Berliner Neujahrslauf(SCC)3.400 Runners
10.26. Berliner Strassenlauf "Generalprobe"(SCC)3.283 Runners
11.10. Berliner Marathon Staffel(SCC)2.617 Runners
12.27. Berliner Silvesterlauf(SCC)1.908 Runners
13.04. Mercedes-Benz-Halbmarathon(VfL Tegel)1.427 Runners
14.01. Firmenlauf(Tegeler Forst)1.208 Runners
15.39. Berliner Cross-Country-Lauf(SCC)1.056 Runners
16.12. Havellauf (limitiert)(Post SV)932 Runners
17.03. Krebs-Spendenlauf(SCC)639 Runners

6 of the above races organised by SCC Running are the largest of their kind

in Germany.

The SCC Running Results 2002

01.01.2002 31. Berliner Neujahrslauf:

3.400 Runners

19.01.2002 24. Berliner Team-Marathon:

217 Runners

13.03.2002 03. Krebs-Spendenlauf:

639 Runners

31.03.2002 02. Berliner Osterhasenlauf:

78 Runners

06.04.2002 23. Bewag BERLINER HALBMARATHON:

14.709 Runners

25.05.2002 19. AVON RUNNING Frauenlauf:

9.426 Runners

26.06.2002 03. Berliner 5 x 5 km TEAM-Staffel:

4.383 Runners

03.08.2002 11. City-Nacht auf dem Ku-Damm:

6.512 RUnners

25.08.2002 26. Strassenlauf "Die Generalprobe":

3.283 Runners

28.09.2002 18. Berliner Frühstückslauf:

11.000 Runners

28.09.2002 03. Bambinilauf:

419 Runners

29.09.2002 14. real,- MINI-MARATHON:

7.642 Runners

29.09.2002 29. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON:

41.376 Runners

03.11.2002 39. Berliner Cross-Country-Lauf:

1.056 Runners

17.11.2002 10. Berliner Marathonstaffel:

2.617 Runners

26.12.2002 04. Berliner Gänsebratenvernichtungslauf:

183 Runners

31.12.2002 27. Berliner Silvesterlauf:

1.908 Runners

Totoal: 108.439 Runners

Compared to last year, the organisers could be pleased with a new large

increase in participants, as there was a total of 95,885 runners participating

in all SCC Running events in 2001. Unique Success

From 1964 - December 31, 2002 for a total 329 events organised by SCC

RUNNING, 1,139,913 runners have participated. That is a unique success in

Germany. The Next Running Events by SCC RUNNING

January 18, 2003

25th Berlin Team Marathon

April 6, 2003