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Mizuki Noguchi breaks world records at 25 k and 30 k at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Mizuki Noguchi broke two world records at the 32. real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON: at 25 and 30 k. The split times of the 27-year old

Japanese were faster than the former records. She split at 25 k 1:22:13

hours and at 30 k a 1:38:49. With her finishing time of 2:19:12 hours

Noguchi broke the course-, the Asian- and the Japanese record.

The two world records are still unoffical, because

the referees have to approve it. But even if the official split times

will be one or a couple of seconds slower, it would be still a world

record. The previous best times were held by the Japanese Naoko

Takahashi, which she had run in Berlin too. She had run the 25 k in

1:22:31 and the 30 k in 1:39:02 hours in 2001. Now Mizuki improved the

25 k record by 18 seconds and the 30 k record by 13 seconds.

Britain’s Paula

Radcliffe was running the Flora London Marathon 2003 and passed 30 k

faster, but the course is going down more than allowed at that point (1

metre per k). At the certain mark there has to be proper set of

official judges, who are normally at a marathon race only at the

finish. Only then the World Athletics Federation IAAF accepts the split

time as a world record. At the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON race director

Mark Milde decided to have officials at both marks in advance.


Figures of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON






















25.465 men
6.154 women


24.638 men
5.946 women
















93 men
16 women


90 men
16 women
















40 men
  8 women


40 men
  6 women







Please note that this are provisional figures, which might change.