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MY JOURNEY: from a volunteer to a runner to a marathon runner

Sven (40) explains what special circumstances led him to the marathon:

My BERLIN-MARATHON story began many, many years ago. Back then, Horst Milde was Race Director, and his son Mark was still in high school, as was the current technical director, Carsten Humrich. Carsten was my best friend back then (and attending the same high school as Mark), and the marathon team needed volunteers to put up the signs along the course and help at the water stop at Kleistpark (km 25), so Carsten asked me if I was interested.

That was the start of many years setting up and dismantling the course, as well as handing out water and bananas to the runners at Kleistpark. After a while, you actually started to recognise some of the faces as they passed by. Those were always very long, but wonderful Sundays, which I do not regret being part of for one minute.

Now, many years later, I started running myself, and I swore to myself that I would run a marathon—and finish it! And what marathon would be better than the one whose course I know so well? Of course! It was always my dream to run in Berlin! Even though I now live down in Bavaria, my heart still beats for Berlin and its marathon. But the training takes time. For that reason, I am going to enter my name in the drawing for the 42nd edition of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON next year at a debut age of 41. That is going to be my race!