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MY JOURNEY - Help, my husband runs

Irene (28) from Zürich will be accompanying her husband Pascal (31) when he heads to the BMW BERLIN MARATHON. But that is not all. She even has a blog about this experience: “Help, my husband runs” ( 

Irene, is this your husband’s first marathon?
Yes, Berlin will be his first marathon. In 2013, we happened to be in Berlin on the marathon weekend, and my husband was fascinated by the atmosphere. He was lucky enough to be selected in the drawing for a starting spot.

What all are you organising for this event?
We turned this athletic goal into a small project we call #RoadToBerlin. That helps with motivation during the long period of preparation. Through the blog, our friends and family learn out about his ambitions and they keep giving him words of support. I do too, of course. And sometime I even put on my running shoes too to make the hard training somewhat more pleasant in the early morning hours or on a rainy Sunday.

How is your husband preparing for the race?
He is following a trainings plan, but he is also involved in team sports to balance it out. He also plans on going easy in Berlin. We will see… Pascal is very ambitious and he could be a little more relaxed about it all.

Irene, how are you getting prepared for the BMW BERLIN MARATHON? Making signs, learning good massage techniques, looking for good spots to watch along the – what is your strategy?
I am going to have a good look at the course and see how fast I can get from A to B to C, so I can watch my husband from as many spots as possible. Instead of posters, I will be carrying around his favourite refreshments. And of course I will be wearing my running shoes too and – if necessary – will accompany him for a few kilometres.

What tips can you give to others who have family members who are afflicted with running fever?

Run too, stay cool, and don’t question certain things.