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Press Conference Highlights - Monday, 27.09.2004

Rüdiger Otto, Managing Director SCC-RUNNING

„Results of the athletes show how fast this course really is. Despite

the bad weather we got some excellent times. Though of course fort the fun

runners conditions were perfect. I am proud that everything worked so well.

There is a saying: After the race we are before the race – meaning we

will start preparing for 2005 right now. I especially want to thank Horst

Milde, our Honorary Race Director, for his help.“

Dr. Willi Heepe, Medical Director

„Concerning spectators there is no longer any difference between east

and west. In former years there used to be less spectators in the east, now it

is all on one very high level.“

Concerning medical service:

„We realise that today’s runners are much better prepared for a

marathon than in former times. Additionally we have built up a superb medical

service on race day but also during the whole year. Everything worked fine for

us. There were no real serious cases on Sunday. One runner collapsed at 38 k,

but as the first aid service was there at once there was no serious danger for

him. We have a great emergency system. If anyone collapses anywhere it will not

take longer than three minutes for an ambulance and a doctor to get to him. If

it is that quick we have a great chance to save the person’s


Mark Milde, Race Director

„The last weeks were very demanding and I am happy that it is all over

now. Everything went very well. I am especially proud of that since it is the

first time that I am in the position of race director. We have changed some

things in comparisson to last year – and it worked well. For example we

guided the runners to the start much better. The whole team worked very


Concerning the starting time of the skaters for next year:

„We will speak about that with the police. Last year the race was in

the afternoon. We have to figure out at which time there were more problems due

to the blocked roads. We would of course prefer a starting time of 4 pm. Due to

the early start we have lost a significant number of runners in comparisson to

last year. Because this year the athletes were not able to collect their bib

numbers on raceday before the start. Additionally there were many more

spectators in the afternoon last year than this year. It would be great if we

could switch back to the afternoon.“

Concerning the signing of Limo and Shibui:

„It was not that difficult despite the Olympic Games. In Japan and

Kenya there are many world class runners. But of course only three were allowed

to run in Athens per country. So it was possible to sign Limo und Shibui.

Although of course the Chicago and New York Marathon or Amsterdam were other

options fort hem. We finally signed them by the end of July.“

Horst Milde, Honorary Race-Director

„That is a nice title and I am proud that the transition worked so

good that nobody even realised it. The small and big things worked so well. The

refreshment points did such a good job at the whole course. The audience and

music groups along the course gave life and soul to the marathon and made a

great atmosphere for every runner and that beside the bad weather. I am happy

about the Japanese success, which was a smash hit. After I saw Felix Limo

dancing at the after run party, I was convinced he can do more than he showed

us. To everybody who helped and supported us thank you very much!”

Yoko Shibui, Gewinnerin des 31. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

How do you qualify for the big international championships?

„There are three national marathon races. You have to achieve a good

time and result there. The first three or five will then be nominated. For me

it did not work this year for the Olympics but I will try to qualify for the

world championships next year in Helsinki. In Berlin I proved my


Would you have been slower without a pace maker?

„That is difficult to say. I can not say really. Yesterday may be

there would have been no difference at all because I was in very good


What will you do with your prize money?

„Save it!“

Felix Limo, winner 31. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

How do you feel today?

„I feel fine. My body will need a good rest.“

Would you be slower without a pacemaker?

„City marathons are tough races because they are fast and of course

everyone wants to win. Often there is extremely good opposition. So pacemakers

are helping the athletes. Championship races are different. They are not about

time just about winning. So they are tactical.“

Was there an obstruction because of the wet roads?

„No just partly. Butt his can happen everywhere.“

What will you do with the prize money?

„I have not yet got it in my pocket – so I have no plans


Sonja Oberem, 3. place

Would you have been slower without pacemakers?

„Yes, definitely. They helped me achieving my time. And that is what

city marathons are about.“

You will end your career and start working at your parent’s


„I have helped them for many years. But now priorities will change.

Running will now be my hobby while the work at the company will bet he main

job. It is a big Stepp, but I am happy about it. But I will never give up

running because I love it.“

Recovery for Top-Athletes

How does the recovery after a Marathon work for you?

Felix Limo: „I go back home now. There I go jogging every day around

40 to 50 minutes. I miss running otherwise too much. I want to stay in shape

and don’t want loose my condition. “

Yoko Shibui: „I run every day at least one hour. In the first week

after the race I slow down a little bit.”

Sonja Oberem: „In the first week I do not so much and no longer runs

than an hour to stay in shape. But you need to do something that your muscles

loosen. “

Dr. Willi Heepe: „Runners should in principle run out. It is enough

when you do short and easy runs and a little bit gymnastic. You also should

recover your psyche.”