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real,- BERLIN MARATHON supports Berlin bid

For a second time within two years Berlin will be a candidate for the IAAF

World Championships in Athletics. After loosing unluckily against Helsinki in

the race for the championships in 2005 this time the German capital will apply

for the championships in 2009. Berlin is the first city to become a candidate

for 2009, but the IAAF expects further cities to express their interest. The

championships in 2007 will be held in Osaka.

"The real,- BERLIN MARATHON will be happy to support the Berlin bid. We

have created enthusiasm for running events in Berlin. And we would like to fill

Berlins people with enthusiasm about this extraordinary sports event as

well", Horst Milde, the race director of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON,


Stuttgart and Munich had also expressed their interest in hosting this

event, which for a single city is the most important sports event behind the

Olympic Games. For ten days the city will be in the focus of the world. But a

decision by the presidency of the German athletics federation (DLV) and the

presidents of each of the local federations was clearly in favour of


"We are looking forward to get another strong German bid - and we are

happy that this will come from Berlin with its Olympic Stadium", Nick

Davies, the IAAFs press officer, said. For Berlin the IAAF World Championships

would be the biggest sporting event since the Olympic Games back in 1936. The

council of the IAAF will probably elect the host for 2009 some time next


It will be next year, too, when the rebuilding of the Olympic Stadium will

be complete. Berlin will then have one of the finest multi-functional sports

arenas in the world. Additionally to another convincingly strong bid Berlin can

hope for some sympathy within the IAAFs council because the German capital had

bad luck with the bid for 2005.