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Rotterdam winner Sammy Korir back for real,-BERLIN-MARATHON

Haile Gebrselassie will run against high class competitors at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON. One of the Ethiopian rivals will be the second

fastest marathon runner of all times: Sammy Korir. In 2003 the Kenyan

finished only one second behind Paul Tergat, who was then running the

current world record of 2:04:55 hours. Furthermore Sammy Korir leads

the marathon top list in 2006. In April he won the Rotterdam Marathon

in 2:06:38. This year nobody has run faster at the 42,195 k distance.

The personal best of Sammy Korir, 2:04:56 hours, is still

the second fastest time in the world of all times. The 34 year-old

confirmed his outstanding position in the marathon when winning

Rotterdam in partly windy conditions. „Sammy Korir will run once again

– and that means that we have a great possibilty for a fast race. We

might see a great duel between the Kenyan Korir and the Ethiopian

Gebrselassie,“ Race Director Mark Milde said. Further Kenyan elite

athletes to compete in Berlin should be announced soon. Mark Milde is

finalising negotiations at present.

Sammy Korir showed

his enormous potential at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2003, when he

initially paced Paul Tergat. Finally he finished the race himself and

almost beat his friend and training partner Tergat.

40,000 runners have entered the 33rd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON which means

that the limit has been reached. No more applications will be accepted.