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Sammy Kipketer just misses 8 k world record


Kipketer just missed the world record at the Minyard 8 k race in Dallas on Saturday (25th

March). In his first US road race of the new season the

Kenyan won the race with a course record of 22:12 minutes. He missed the world record

by just nine seconds. Second and third places were taken by runners from the

same training group (KIMbia) as well: Abraham Chebii ran 22:18 while Shadrock Kosgei (both Kenya) took third place with 22:29.




Chasing the

world record Sammy Kipketer ran a blistering opening mile of 4:18 minutes. He then covered the second

mile in another 4:18 and was well within the world record schedule.

But his pace was a bit too fast. Additionally he was running at front alone.

Abraham Chebii was about five metres back while Shadrock Kosgei was another

five metres behind. When Sammy Kipketer then hit an uphill stretch he slowed

and could not increase the pace again later in the race. In fine weather

conditions the 5 k point was passed in 13:46 minutes. Chebii, who suffered of a

slight cold, was two seconds behind, Kosgei followed another two seconds back.

“I was running too fast at the beginning,” Sammy Kipketer said after the race.




The women’s

race was won by Alvetina Ivanova (Russia) in a course record of 25:16. While

Tatiana Chulakh (Russia) took second place in 26:17 Lyuvbov

Denisova (Russia) was third with 26:27. Rebbi Koech

(Kenya) took fourth place with 26:55.

Long Distance Track Events at Commonwealth


Meanwhile Uganda’s Boniface Kiprop won the 10,000 m

on the last day of the athletics events at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. He clocked 27:50,99 minutes. Geoffrey Kipngeno (Kenya/27:51,16) and Fabiano Joseph

(Tanzania/27:51,99) took silver and bronze.






Earlier during

the week Lucy Wangui (Kenya) had won the 10,000 m

in 31:29,47 minutes while Evelyne Wambui (Kenya) finished second with

31:30,86. England’s Mara Yamauchi was

third (31:49,40). The 5,000 m were won by Kenya’s Isabella Ochichi (14:57,84) while Jo Pavey (England) finished second in 14:59,08. Lucy Wangui had won her first medal at this

event, clocking 15:00,20 for bronze.


Kenya’s Augustine Choge became the 5,000 m men’s

Commonwealth Champion with a Games record of 12:56.41. Australia’s hope Craig Mottram was second in

12:58.19 while Benjamin Limo (Kenya) took third in 13:05.30.