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The Internet - a "winner" for the real- BERLIN-MARATHON and SCC-RUNNING

The year 2002 was not only a success from an athletic standpoint, but also from

a digital one for the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON and SCC-RUNNING.

At, the website offers a large variety of

information about our own running events in Berlin, but numerous reports from

the world of running and inline skating, as well.

In 2002, 1,569,116 people visited 10,669,988 pages at Like every year, at the end of September, at the

real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, the largest interest was demonstrated with almost 2

million page views.

Parallel to, for the past one and a half years an

internet forum has been offered at, which has since

become a regular address for the SCC-RUNNING participants. In 2002, there were

2,688,049 pages produced by 249,205 visitors. Over 3,000 registered users have

now written over 47,000 articles - an impressive number!

The creative webmaster of the internet site is

Jörg Scheider. "We are constantly working on the

technology and content of the largest website of a running organisation in

Germany - and the large success in the page view shows us that we are doing

good work", says Scheider.

For the complete internet presence of SCC-RUNNING there were a total of

13,358,037 page views by 1,818,321 visitors. Compared to 2001, that means an

increase of 85% in page views and an 80% increase in site visitors.

The webserver of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON is provided by the official

internet partner of SCC-RUNNING, the COMLINE AG. In 2002, nearly 600 GB of data

were transported over the internet lines of the COMLINE AG. 1,200 press

releases, articles and special news are available on the online news databank

of SCC-RUNNING, and 3,100 photos can be viewed on the online photo album.

The attractive scope of the internet presence is demonstrated in the links

to the websites of over 200 marathons throughout the world, to 180 other races,

such as cross country, mountain, womens, half marathon, and ultra races, to

athletic associations, articles on running magazines, travel agencies, as well

as to pages on sport medicine.

The direct online race registration by the participants is for the

organisers of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON and numerous other races organised by

SCC-RUNNING the most important improvement in the organisational structure.