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The “Jubilees“ at the Anniversary Marathon on September 28, 2003

The member of the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club have their traditional green

“permanent“ race numbers (starting at number 201).

For those uninformed: you have to have successfully made it to the finish of

the BERLIN MARATHON 10 times to get into this exclusive circle. This year they

will receive an extra race number for the back: the number has the club logo,

the members name, and the number of races successfully completed. Then they can

be cheered on “from behind“, as well.

If someone is running in front of you with a back race number which says

“29th time“, you don have to read the name, you know: "Bernd

Hübner"is running in front of you! He is the one who has participated

in every BERLIN MARATHON since 1974. He also is the one who hands out all of

the other back race numbers at the BERLIN MARATHON Jubilee Club stand to the

1,126 Jubilee members--Hall 23 b at the BERLIN VITAL fair (near the race number


And if you are nice to him, he may even give you a cup of coffee and a