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Dec 2003

What is the Las Vegas Marathon?

The Las Vegas marathon is now in its 38th year and is the 17th oldest of all

continuously-held marathons in the world.

The weather is usually perfect for running with starting temperatures of

around 38 degrees F. (3 to 5 C.) and rising to 55 to 60 F. (13 to15 C.).degrees

by noontime. The air is dry and the courses are considered "very

fast" as they have a net elevation drop of 237 meters in the full marathon

and of 177 meters in the half marathon. Many hundreds of runners come each year


Nov 2003

German Agro Action (DWHH) was an active partner of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON 2003

For the second time in the 30-year history of the BERLIN MARATHON, the German

Agro Action (DWHH) went to the start again as a charity partner in 2003. The

real,- BERLIN MARATHON 2003 was a marathon of superlatives in many ways. Never

before were there so many runners and skaters at Germanys largest marathon as

in 2003. And never before were so many Euros “run in“ for the

drinking water project of the German Agro Action in Butajira, Ethiopia, as in

this year at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON – ca....

All doping tests were negative at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON 2003

According to a message from the IAAF / DLV to the event organisers SCC RUNNING,

the results of all doping tests at the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September

27/28, 2003, were negative. The analyses (both urine and blood tests) were

carried out by the Institute for Doping Analysis and Sport Biochemistry


Paul Tergats (Kenya) world record time of 2:04:55h is thus official,

according to the IAAF, as the course length had been verified previously.

The “unofficial“ team...

3.5 tons of athletic clothing collected at the start of the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON for Bethel

Friedrich von Bodelschwingh transformed the bible phrase “Gather the

pieces left over, let us not waste a bit“ into the philosophy of a

movement that for many decades has been collecting seemingly worthless items

for the Bethel Clothing Drive (near Bielefeld). For one, it helps make it clear

that little things can be of value too, and for the other, the handicapped

people who sort and prepare the donated clothing for resale thus develop a

sense of self-confidence and of playing an active role in...

Athens Marathon

Zebedayo Bayo of Tanzania won the 21st edition of the Athens Classic Marathon

on next years Olympic course, in 2hr 16min 59sec. Second and third were the

Kenyans Stephen Rugut in 2.17.06, and Elias Chebet in 2.18.22. The womens race

was won by Nadja Wijenberg of the Netherlands. The former Russian, named Ilyina

won in 2.43.18. Second, and winner of the Greek title was Georgia Ampatzidou,

2.46.47. Third was Margaret Karie of Kenya, in 2.48.48.

The last time that Stephen Rugut ran the Athens...

Olympian Advice

The Athens Marathon is one of the toughest in the world, so for anyone

fortunate enough (if thats the right expression) to get selected for the

Olympic race next year, or brave enough to attempt the original marathon

course, listen to Nikos Polias, for he knows of which he speaks. "You have

to start slowly," says Polias, who has won the Marathon to Athens race six

times in ten starts. "Because you still need to be alive when you get to

30 kilometres". The reason for that is that the course rises...

Oct 2003

Athens Classic Marathon

The dress rehearsal for the Olympic Marathon takes place this Sunday, November

2, on the course which gave the race its name, from the village of Marathon to

Athens. And the East African men - Kenyans, Ethiopians, Tanzanians - look set

to dominate the Athens Classic Marathon, as they are expected to do in ten

months time for the Olympic race. The organisers recognise that they can

compete (yet!) with the New York Marathon, also on Sunday, in terms of race

numbers and prize money. But they have...

The grandmother of all public races is turning 40 – at the beginning there was cross country

November 8, 1964 is the birthday of mass sports and of public races in

Berlin—and in Germany as well. The running movement has gone through a

long, yet sensational development since then. The climax of this development

was the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 27/28, 2003.

The 40th Berlin Cross Country Race by SCC-RUNNING on November 9, 2003, which

is considered to be the oldest cross-country event in the country,

traditionally rings in the cross-country season.

The long series of...

Numbers of the 30th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

RegistrationsAt startFinisher
Runner38.493 (m 31.371/ f 7.122)31.469 (m 25.703/ f 5.766)30.688 (m 25.091/ f 5.597)
Power-Walker171 (m 74/ f 97)132 (m 57/ f 75)124 (m 54/ f 70)
Wheelchair113 (m 99/ f 14)90 (m 78/ f 12)84 (m 73/ f 11)
Inline-Skater9.612 (m 6.214/ f 3.398)7.571 (m 4.976/ f 2.595)7.521 (m 4.947/ f 2.574)
Bambini Run383376

People from 99...

Two World Records set on Toronto Waterfront

(TORONTO. 29 September 2003). What a day of excitement in Toronto! The sun

shone, the bands played along the course, 6,000 runners from 18 countries came

to run, more than $125,000 was raised for 32 charities, Lyubov Morgunova of

Russia set a new womens record of 2:36:20 on the flat scenic Lakeshore

route-and not one, but TWO new world records were set at yesterdays Scotiabank

Toronto Waterfront Marathon..

But it was two older runners who outshone the field. Ninety-two year old

Fauja Singh of...

Sep 2003

Paul Tergat: “This marathon has made history“

“This marathon has made history“, Paul Tergat said after running a

spectacular new world record in the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON. The Kenyan

crossed the finish line of the new course at Brandenburg Gate in 2:04:55 and

became the first runner to run sub 2:05. “Please Paul, bring this record

to Berlin“, Tegla Loroupe, who ran a world record in 1999 in Berlin, had

said before the race. Paul Tergat just did it. He smashed Khalid

Khannouchi's mark, which was 2:05:38 from the London Marathon in...

Recorded Live Coverage of the inline skate race

The biggest inline-skate marathon in Europe is underway : 9,612 competitors set

off in the shadow of the Brandenburg Gate in their quest to break the hour in

Berlin. Conditions were good with little wind, sunny but under 20 degrees

Fahrenheit. That?s also a good omen for Sunday?s marathon.

As the final event in this season`s World Cup, there`s extra special

interest in this year`s race. All the strong teams are here, especially the

trio of Salomon, including the Italian Massimiliano Presti,...


Liz Yelling appreciates its a backhand compliment, but she just wishes that

shed be identified for herself sometimes rather than her lifetime friend, club

colleague and occasional training partner, Paula Radcliffe. But a slender

fair-haired woman charging round the streets of Loughborough is inevitably

going to be taken for the marathon world record holder. Yelling is going to

confuse the issue even more when she makes her own marathon debut in Berlin on

Sunday morning.

"It happened a lot when I...

30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON: Running into History

The story of the BERLIN MARATHON is a story of the development of road running.

When the first BERLIN MARATHON was started on 13th October 1974 on a minor road

next to the stadium of the organisers‘ club SC Charlottenburg Berlin 286

athletes had entered. 244 runners finished. The first winners were two runners

from Berlin: Günter Hallas (2:44:53), who still runs the BERLIN MARATHON

today, and Jutta von Haase (3:22:01).

It was until 1980 that the marathon route led the runners along the...

The Club of the Green Race Numbers at the MARATHON

One participant will also be running “his“ 30th anniversary

marathon at the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 28.

Bernd Hübner has participated in every marathon since the "First

Berlin Peoples Marathon" on October 13, 1974, which started with 286

participants at Waldschulallee 80. He had been a rower at the club BRC, when a

friend convinced him to run. He ran 3:38:06 at his premiere in 1974 with new

shoes, in which he of course got blisters. He has since learned what shoes to

wear, as he...

Last years winner, Raymond Kipkoech, returns

The unexpected champion of the 29th real,- BERLIN MARATHON 2002, Raymond

Kipkoech, will be back at the start of the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON. With

his victory in a world-class time of 2:06:47, Kipkoech became a shooting star

in the marathon scene. In a dramatic final sprint, the then-22-year-old runner

from Kenya was able to prevail against two of his fellow countrymen. The last

few meters of 42 very fast kilometres were tremendous.

This year Kipkoech will not only have to get used to a new...

30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON - Internet Live Report

More than 50,000 participants of the 30th real,- BERLIN MARATHON will be

underway in downtown Berlin on September 27th and 28th. A digital marathon will

be taking place at the same time on the internet: your friends and family at

home can follow all facets of the happenings in Berlin on the last weekend in

September live at

In addition to general information about the course, starting times, and

numbers of participants, as well as current reports throughout the running...

Start and finish of the 30th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

In time for the 30th anniversary of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON, the start and

finish areas have been relocated to the most symbolic part of the capital: To

the boulevard Straße des 17. Juni, between the Brandenburg Gate and the

Victory Column (Siegessäule) – and the preparation and recuperation

areas lie between the Federal Chancellery and the Reichstag.

The preparation and recuperation areas are in the same spot this year, so

participants can pick up their clothing bags where they handed them...

Aug 2003

Charity Partnership between the real,- BERLIN MARATHON and German Agro Action:

Donations for Iraqi aid and the Ethiopian project of the German Agro

Action (Welthungerhilfe)

Berlin/Bonn. For the second time, the German Agro Action (Deutsche

Welthungerhilfe) will be at the start on September 27 + 28, 2003, as the

charity partner of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON. The aim of the partnership with

the event organiser SCC-RUNNING is to help people in Iraq and in the running

nation Ethiopia through sport. Last year the fantastic sum of 35,000€ was

collected for charity. This year...

Jul 2003

Two go through in Golden League Jackpot as Gebrselassie suffers dramatic defeat

"/images/news/goldenleague.gif" align="left" border="0" />Paris Saint-Denis

- In the second leg of the six stage IAAF Golden League series the 50,500 crowd

at the Stade de France in Paris were treated to high drama, as nine of the

eleven Jackpot contenders in competition were eliminated and Ethiopia’s

Haile Gebrselassie suffered a surprise defeat at the hands of Kenya’s

Abraham Chebii.

The first Golden League event of the evening saw the first contender out of

the competition for the million dollar Jackpot. Away well at the start and

leading for much...

May 2003

real,- BERLIN MARATHON supports Berlin bid

For a second time within two years Berlin will be a candidate for the IAAF

World Championships in Athletics. After loosing unluckily against Helsinki in

the race for the championships in 2005 this time the German capital will apply

for the championships in 2009. Berlin is the first city to become a candidate

for 2009, but the IAAF expects further cities to express their interest. The

championships in 2007 will be held in Osaka.

"The real,- BERLIN MARATHON will be happy to support the Berlin bid....

Apr 2003

Rush on the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

There are still over five months until the 30th real.- BERLIN-MARATHON on

September 27+28, 2003, but the organisers from SCC-RUNNING can already

celebrate an unexpected onslaught of registrations.

With already 32,186 registrations (25,837 runners and 6,349 inline skaters)

from 76 countries, there are almost 10,000 more participants registered at this

time than at the same time last year.

"" />

Last year a total of 41,376 athletes (33,007 runners and 8,369 inline

skaters) from 90...

Feb 2003

How „Kee Chung-sohn“ won the Gold Medal in the Olympic Marathon as „Kitei Son“ in 1936 in Berlin

Since its beginning, the BERLIN-MARATHON has had a special affinity to the

Olympic champions in the marathon. From 1974 – 1977, the BERLIN-MARATHON

medals were adorned with running figures from the antiquities. Since 1978, the

medals have been dedi-cated to Olympic champions. The Olympic heroes and their

merits are thus remembered and saved for posterity in the medals. They are

indeed the “forerunners” and protagonists of to-day’s modern

running movement and development.

This series of medals...