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May 2003

For the first time, more than 10,000 runners are expected at the start

Several strong German athletes will be taking to the start in the 20th AVON

RUNNING Berlin Women’s Run. With support from adidas, Sonja Oberem (LG

Bayer Leverkusen), who took third place in the marathon at the European

Championships in Munich, will start her athletic comeback after being out for

injuries. The former world champion in the triathlon has become a consistently

successful marathon runner. (Development at the world championships: 1995: 8th

place; 1997: 7th place; 1999: 6th place,...

30th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON first registration period ends on May 10th

This coming Saturday, May 10, 2003, marks the end of reduced fee registration

for runners, power walkers, wheelchair athletes and inline skaters for the

anniversary marathon on September 27-28, 2003. Participants can still register

for the low fee of € 50.00 with SCC-RUNNING –also online—for

the double event on Saturday and Sunday. After May 10th, the registration fee

will go up to € 70.00. To date, the organisers have received well over

34,000 registrations from over 75 countries.

The new...

Feb 2003

That can not be the winner!


20 Years Womens Run - 30 Years BERLIN-MARATHON - 40 Years Berlin Cross Country


Part 2 of our look into the "history box" of the development of

running in Berlin.

"Ill have to dig around long and hard to find something," was

Günter Hallas answer on the phone. The organisers were planning a meeting

with the winner of the 1st Berlin Peoples Marathon - as the race was officially

called - that took place on October 13, 1974.

Günter Hallas arrived at the meeting, in...