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Sep 2004

Press Conference Highlights - Saturday, 2004, September 25th

Cecilia Baena, Winner from Columbia (1:17:08)

How were your impressions about your first real,- BERLIN-MARATHON?

„I liked it very much. The course is perfect and the audience is

fantastic. Unfortunately it rained before the start, so the streets were wet at

the beginning of the race. “

Do you want to come next year again to the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON?

„It depends on my sponsors and my coaches. It is a nice race and I

really want to come again next year.”

You are just 17 years old, what have you...

Feb 2004

real,- BERLIN MARATHON for the inline skaters will again be on Saturday

The real,- BERLIN MARATHON will remain again this year a two-day event. The

31st edition of the most spectacular German race will take place on September

25-26. Following discussions with the Senate Administrations for City

Development, Education, Youth, and Sport, with the police, and with the

Association of Retail Trade, it has been settled that the inline skaters for

the second time will be able to have their own race on Saturday, after the

debut in 2003.

“We are happy that, together with the...