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Dec 2005

Big Five: Joining Forces

The biggest and most spectacular marathon races have merged together and founded the Big Five. The BAA Boston Marathon, the Flora London Marathon, the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon and the ING New York City Marathon form this ,Formula 1’ of road running. A more detailed concept of the Big Five will be introduced by the beginning of next year. Mary Wittenberg, Race Director of the ING New York City Marathon, describes the goals and visions of the Big Five as follows.

Nov 2005

Resistant Against Stress by Running a Marathon?

The hypothalamus (region in the brain) is activated by stress or physical activity and releases a hormone called CRH (corticotrophin releasing hormone). CRH induces the production and release of ACTH (adrenocorticotrope hormone) in the pituitary (another small part in the human brain). ACTH then leads to the release of cortisol from the adrenal gland. Higher cortisol levels lead to lower CRH and ACTH levels due to a negative feedback mechanism.

Oct 2005

George Hirsch, a running pioneer

George Hirsch never lost his running ambitions. He beat the 3-hour mark one more time shortly before his 60th birthday. This year he won the age group M70 in Berlin with a clear lead in 3:31, a time that also gives him the year’s best time in the USA for the category M70. He prepared for the real,- BERLIN MARATHON by training between 80 and 120 km a week,

Welcome to the Club – The New Members of the BERLIN-MARATHON Jubilee Club

Senior Race Director Horst Milde congratulated each runner for their great personal achievements –and for their long time and commendable loyalty to the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON – with a handshake. With their successful admission into the exclusive Jubilee Club, all new member receive a ‘lifelong’ green race numbers for the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON, as well as a free subscription to the RUNNING news which is delivered several times a year, so that their connection to the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON...

Yuda recorvers to win second Bupa Great South Run title

John Yuda remaining very focused and not panicking despite going off course, won the BUPA Great South Run for the second time in three years this morning in Portsmouth. But the 26-year-old Tanzanian insisted the incident four miles into the race when following a television crew's motor cycle rather than the lead car, prevented him breaking his national record.


Sep 2005

15 million Japanese watching real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on TV

About 15 million Japanese watched the two and a half hour coverage of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON back home on Sunday. The Japanese TV Channel Fuji TV covered the race at prime time. This figure covers an audience rating of 15,9 percent.

Philip Manyim: „I did not expect beating my fellow Kenyans”

Shortly after winning the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON in 2:07:41, we spoke with the 2005 champion, Philip Manyim of Kenya. Were you surprised at your win because this was only your third marathon. So you’ve been a quick learner? Philip Manyim: “Yes, the success was surprising because I was not expecting to win against my fellow Kenyans who had run 2:06. But, God willing, I won the race, by surprise.”

Mizuki Noguchi breaks world records at 25 k and 30 k at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Mizuki Noguchi broke two world records at the 32. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON: at 25 and 30 k. The split times of the 27-year old Japanese were faster than the former records. She split at 25 k 1:22:13 hours and at 30 k a 1:38:49. With her finishing time of 2:19:12 hours Noguchi broke the course-, the Asian- and the Japanese record. The two world records are still unoffical, because the referees have to approve it.

Noguchi clash with Radcliffe unlikely in near future

Olympic gold medallist Mizuki Noguchi and Paula Radcliffe the world champion and record holder, are unlikely to go head-to-head in the marathon before the next Games in 2008.That is the opinion of David Bedford and Mark Milde the race directors of two of the world's biggest events, the Flora London Marathon and Germany's top meeting in Berlin. Even the buying power of the multi-million dollar budgets both these and the other three of the "Big Five" competitions in Boston, Chicago and New York...

Mizuki Noguchi breaks course- and Asian record at real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Mizuki Noguchi won the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON with a new course- and Asian record. The 27-year-old Japanese clocked 2:19:12 hours and broke the course record of her countrywomen Yoko Shibui (2:19:41) by 29 seconds. Fastest male runner was the Kenyan Philip Manyim in 2:07:41 hours. The 27-year-old won altogether 47,500 €, while Mizuki Noguchi earned 70.000 Euro. A record number of 39.882 runners from 103 nations were running at the 32nd edition of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON.

Press conference Highlights

Mizuki Noguchi (JPN), winner in 2:19:12 hours (new course, Japanese and Asian record): „I am happy about my victory and the three records – the Japanese record, the Asian record and the course record. The course is really flat and nice to run. The slight ups and downs helped me to find my rhythm. My coach told me not to worry about split times. I have to thank the fabulous spectators, who cheered me all the way to the finish. I am so happy to have run here.”

Driss El Himer: „I want to win and break the European record“

We spoke with Driss El Himer, the top European challenger in the real,-Berlin Marathon 2005 :

What are your ambitions in racing here in Berlin?

Driss El Himer: My main objective is to win! But I also want to break the European record (2:06:36 held jointly by Antonio Pinto of Portugal and Benoit Zwierzchiewski of France), especially because it is also the French record. (Driss’ best is 2:06:48, achieved in finishing 4th in Paris, 2003)

Press conference highlights Saturday, 24th September 2005

Luca Saggiorato (ITA), Team Fila International, winner of the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON for inline skaters in 1:01:21 hours: „It was a hard race and very fast. There were a lot of break aways, so you had to work all the time to stay in front. Because of the many spectators along the whole course Berlin is the best race I know.“

Facts and figures of the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2005

All the facts about the 32nd real,- BERLIN-MARATHON with information registered and international participants, the blue line, medals, final stretch and much more.

Up to 7,000 spectators will be able to experience the final stretch up close on standing room grandstands at the finish line. Best spots for those who get there early! The first participants of the real,- MINI-MARATHON are expected at around 9 a.m. and from then on it will be busy!


Runners' story (3): my way to Berlin

I will particiapte at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON for the first time together with my wife. Back home, in Japan, I usually run two or three marathons a year. But the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON is my first marathon abroad. My wife just started training this year. I hope we can reach the finish together, although my wife is a beginner. My hobbies are running, piano playing, learning German, watching soccer matches, drinking beer and learning a lot about Germany. This September it will be already my...

Runners' story (2): Defy the odds

I am 28 years old, married with three children, work as a translator and have lived in Berlin for almost 7 years. I have been running for around 3 years. Last year, whilst out running we found our way blocked by the marathon. We stopped to watch and very casually discussed participating ourselves. At this point in time I was 5 months pregnant with my third child (still running 10 kilometres a day) and suffering from a congenital brain tumour, affecting my central nervous system.

The Big Three in the fall: Berlin, Chicago and New York

The marathon fall could be once more a stormy one. Three of the five Big Five Marathons are on schedule: Traditionally the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON makes the start on September 25th. Two weeks later the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon starts on October 9th, and on November 6th the ING New York City Marathon will take place. Over 120,000 runners will be participating at these three classic marathons. And among them is the world elite of marathon running.

A unique record at the BERLIN MARATHON – Bernd Hübner

The “record of running participation” in the BERLIN-MARATHON for Bernd Hübner is unique. The 58-year-old Berliner is the only runner who has participated in all of the 31 editions of the BERLIN-MARATHON.

Bernd Hübner ran the BERLIN-MARATHON for the first time in 1974 (it was then called the ‘1st Berlin People’s Marathon’) in the Grunewald forest, together with 286 other runners.

The CULT RUN - Only one more week until the real,- BERLIN MARATHON 2005

In 1974, 286 courageous runners took off on the marathon course, running 2 laps to the Wannsee Beach (turnaround point was before the Mommsen Stadium) and back. 244 made it to the finish in front of the Mommsen Stadium. The female victor in 1974 was Jutta von Haase (LG Süd) in 3.22:01. Only 10 women participated

The Sportmuseum Berlin has moved into its new location at Jahnplatz in the Olympic Park

A sport museum is an institution that conserves and presents the history of physical education, sports, and games; in short, a museum of sport deals with the history of the culture of movement. The Sportmuseum Berlin has itself been the object of a very special kind of “culture of movement” for the past 15 years: it was located at 14 venues, sometimes for shorter periods, sometimes longer, throughout Berlin-Brandenburg. The 15th venue is the so-called “indoor pool wing” at Jahnplatz in the...

Mayock looking for something special in Bupa Great North Run

John Mayock having retired from track racing plans reinventing his athletics career as a distance runner beginning in Sunday's BUPA Great North Run. Mayock who brought down the curtain on a consistent medal-winning carreer when finishing runner-up in this year's European Indoor Championships, adamantly believes he can make the transition. The 34-year-old Yorkshireman admits he isn't planning to match the pace of reigning champion Dejene Berhanu and two-times winner Hendrick Ramaala in the...

Olympic Champion Mizuki Noguchi among record number of 40,000 runners

The real,- BERLIN MARATHON is Germany’s premier road running event. It has been Germany’s biggest and best quality marathon for two decades. And regarding the founding of the Big Five the overall quality of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON should get even better in the near future. The Big Five include the BAA Boston Marathon, the Flora London Marathon, the LaSalle Banks Chicago Marathon, the ING New York City Marathon and the real,- BERLIN MARATHON.

Aug 2005

I believe our marathon runners did a good job - not a great job - US marathoners

As usual, some of our runners did well, some did not. It has always been the philosophy of the USA to send a COMPLETE team of athletes - the best we have - even if they are not really top class, it is important that they get experience. The USA entered 10 runners in the marathon, while Germany did not start any runners at all. Luminita Zaituc had been nominated, but she withdrew, however, due to injuries.

How the German runners are to gather experience, especially in light of the European...

real,- BERLIN-MARATHON among the Big Five

The most important city marathon races have merged to the Big Five. This was announced by the race directors during the World Championships in athletics in Helsinki. Represented among this ‘Golden League’ of the marathon is the real ,- BERLIN-MARATHON, which will take place on September 25th with a total of 40.000 runners. Among them will be the Olympic Champion Mizuko Noguchi.

Luminita Zaituc joins elite field of real,- BERLIN MARATHON

Luminita Zaituc will run the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on September 25th. Today, during the women’s marathon of the World Championships in Helsinki, Berlin’s race director Mark Milde announced the signing. Luminita Zaituc is the best German marathon runner at present. The 36 year-old had decided not to run the marathon at the World Championships. 40,000 participants are expected to run the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON.

Sonia O’Sullivan runs against Olympic Champion Mizuki Noguchi at real,- BERLIN MARATHON

Sonia O’Sullivan will run the real,- BERLIN MARATHON on September 25th. Race Director Mark Milde announced this second spectacular signing for the women’s race today. The Irish world-class runner wants to improve her current marathon best of 2:29:01 on Berlin’s fast course. Among others she will compete against the favourite Olympic Champion Mizuki Noguchi (Japan). A record number of 40,000 runners have entered this year’s race.

Jul 2005

Last possible day for entry for the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON has reached its capacity limit. The field for runners, wheelchair athletes, handbikers and Power-Walkers will be closed on the 15^th of July at 11:59 pm. SCC-RUNNING will then have around 40,000 entries. Some national and international travel agencies still have reserved entry places, which can be booked by participants. Skaters can still register.


Jan 2005

IAAF org: Ethiopian and Kenyan parade expected in Belfast

Thursday 6 January 2005

Ethiopians should dominate the battle for honours in the womens race, while

Kenyans are likely to occupy the mens podium at the Belfast International Cross

Country - IAAF permit - in Northern Ireland, which takes place on Saturday (8


WOMEN - A battle of the generations

Merima Denboba takes on a talented young contingent led by double World Junior

champion Meselech Melkamu, who is hoping to go one better than she did in

Brussels just before Christmas.

The 19-year-old...