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Sep 2009

36th real,- BERLIN MARATHON Inline Skating: Skater festival of the year at a late-summer marathon

Once again this year, the real,- BERLIN MARATHON made for an excellent skater festival. Who was paying any attention to the World Championships in China? The pros from the World Inline Cup did not look as if they were feeling like they were in the wrong place, at least. Everyone who participated completely enjoyed the enthusiasm and attention from the spectators. With Cecilia Baena and Luca Saggiorato, we had the first three-time champions, and Etienne Ramali (5th place) was the top German...

Public Transportation in Berlin with limited Capacities

Due to technical problems with trains public transportation in Berlin is working on limited capacities. Please, check with your hotel and/or travel group management, and plan for more time on race day morning. Trains are running less frequently than normally. Problems occur only at lines of the S-Bahn. Subways (U-Bahn) are running on normal schedule.