Disqualifications during real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Not all runners who started at the Charlottenburger Tor on Strasse des 17. Juni

and finished in Tauentzienstrasse ran the full distance. Some decided to take a

shortcut along the way by taking the Underground, riding a bike, etc. 74

runners had to be disqualified and their names deleted from the list of results

during the 28th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on 30 September 2001.

Some did not even make it to the first 5-km point only to appear at the

finish soon after. For many the marathon seemed more or less over after the

first half (i.e. a half marathon), whilst they covered the second half in less

time than the current world record for half marathons. Most, at least, made it

to the 25-km point, after which their trail seems to disappear. Some reappeared

at kilometre 40 and, like magic, everybody arrived at the finish to collect

their medals. Taking their wedding vows somewhat too literally, one couple even

shared the real,- BERLIN MARATHON: He ran the first half, then handed his

starting number and tag over to his wife who finished the marathon for him. All

participants had been warned by the SCC organisers in no uncertain terms that

violations of the rules like the above would result in the culprit‘s


The 28th real,- BERLIN MARATHON saw a new record number of 31,113

participants finish the marathon (25,794 runners, 5,101 skaters, 124 power

walkers, 94 wheelchair users).