Last year’s champions Carlos Betancur and Julie Glass will be at the start

For the first time, the finals of the World Inline Cup (WIC) will take place

within the framework of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON for inline skaters. The

skaters’ race, which will start at 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 25 on

the boulevard Straße des 17. Juni, will be staging top athletes once

again. The most important competition of the year, the 8th race of the WIC

series, is being awaited with great expectation. The real,- BERLIN MARATHON,

with about 8,000 inline skaters, is by far the largest skating marathon in the

world. In Berlin this year for the second time there will be a separate event

for the skaters on Saturday, while the runners will compete on Sunday. For the

top skaters, a season will come to an end in Berlin that has taken them all

around the world. While the emphasis rested in Europe, the season began in

South Korea, and a week before Berlin the 7th World Inline Cup will take place

in Duluth, MN (USA). Both of last year’s champions will be at the start

Of special note is the commitment of both of last year’s champions, who

both said that they definitely wanted to defend their titles and who have been

training especially for the specific conditions of the Berlin course. For both

Julie Glass from the USA and Juan Carlos Betancur from Columbia, their wins in

Berlin are among the highlights of their careers. Betancur is the only male

skater to already have 2 real,- BERLIN MARATHON victories under his belt (2002

und 2003). In addition, Chad Hedrick will also be participating in Berlin. The

US American won the real,- BERLIN MARATHON in 2000, and with over 50 world

championship titles he is the most famous skater in the world. He also made the

unique accomplishment last year of beating the entire world elite in ice speed

skating and was world all around speed skating champion, as well. Massimiliano

Presti and Theresa Cliff lead the World Inline Cup The defending champions in

the World Inline Cup are Pascal Briand of France (1997 champion in Berlin) of

Team Saab Salomon World and Jessica Smith of Team Kia Verducci International.

Of the 6 races so far, Massimiliano Presti (Italy) of Team Fila International

alone won three. That makes him the clear leader in the men’s World Cup

rankings. The situation for the women is considerably more suspenseful. The

American Theresa Cliff of Team Kia Verducci International is leading just ahead

of her teammate Nathalie Barbotin (France) and Laura Lardani (Italy) of Team

Rollerblade World. There have been five different winners so far for the six

races. WIC not only will be presenting such top athletes, but they will also be

setting up an entertaining “Inline Village“ in the finish area and

will be celebrating the end of the season together with the “After Skate

Party” for all of the participants of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON. It is

sure to be an emotional, eventful, and exciting skating weekend. Further

information is available at tel. 030 – 3012 8810 Or online at: