Press conference Highlights (Part 1) - Friday, 2004, September 24

Felix Limo, Top runner from Kenya

What do you expect to run when the weather will be good?

„I don’t know a time yet. I want to run as fast as I can and do

my best. “

Where and with whom did you have your preparations? „I have trained

back home in Kaptagat near Eldoret, together with my training group, like James

Rotich. The training was very good and both of my coaches (Patrick Sang und

Joseph Chelimo) were happy. I just competed in one race, the half marathon of

Rotterdam (1:03:09). But I had problems with my back. Now everything is good

again and I am fit to win.”

Why did you choose the real,- BERLIN MARATHON for a race?

„I want to beat my personal best. A lot of people improved their

performances here in Berlin, why shouldn’t I improve it here


Since when are you in Berlin and have you seen the course yet?

„I came here last evening and to be honest I spent the whole time in

bed. Today I was running a little bit. I don’t want to see the course

before, really.”

Joshua Chelanga, Kenya

You are in the same training group as Paul Tergat, what have you learnt from


„I have learnt a lot. But he helped also the other athletes, not only

me. I learnt how to prepare for a marathon. “

You have also trained with Titus Munji, who cannot compete because of a


„Yes, that is right. He was in a great condition. Unfortunately he

caught a virus a few days ago. That’s why he cannot compete on Sunday at

the real,- BERLIN MARATHON. When I trained with him I kept his pace and for

that I will beat my personal best.”

Michitane Noda, Top runner Japan

The Kenyans are very strong and they want to run the first half in a time of

63 minutes. Do you go along with them?

„I will go along with them and try to keep pace as long as possible.

63 minutes for the first half is not that fast. I have done it before. Maybe it

is possible that a Japanese will win the 31. real,- BERLIN MARATHON.“

We have heard you want to become a monk, is it true? „Yes that’s

right. It is destiny. I was raised up in a very religious family. After my

career I will take over the temple from my father. We have this temple for

generations and I don’t want to break the tradition. And it doesn’t

matter how good or bad my career will go. Destiny is more important for


Is there any relation between long-distance running in Japan and


„No, not at all. “

You have seen the course on Wednesday. What do you think?

„I have seen it, but I can’t remember anything. Everybody says

it is flat with few curves, so it will be good. I want to beat my personal best

in any case. The Japanese record would be also a big goal for me. “

Shinichi Watanabe, Japanese top runner

The Kenyans are very strong and they want to run the first half in a time of

63 minutes. Do you go along with them?

„I want to run my own race. When I am feeling good I want to keep


You have seen the course on Wednesday. What do you think?

„The course is very flat and fast. Like Michitane I want to set a new

personal best as well. I am small and won’t have a problem with the wind.

I am a good slipstream runner.”

Hannelore Steer, rbb radio (radio Berlin-Brandenburg)

Meaning of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON for the rbb:

„It is very important not only for the rbb. Since 1985 we have a live

TV and radio transmission. It is a phenomenal race for Berlin.”

Jochen Sprentzel, rbb television

„There will be a special airplane at the real,- BERLIN MARATHON for

the TV transmission. We have also 4 helicopters, 6 stationary stations and

three motorbikes.“