44th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 24 September 2017

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Medical tips

Providing good medical support at the 44th BMW BERLIN MARATHON is one of the most important tasks for a perfectly organised event. The standard of the medical care provided at the BMW BERLIN MARATHON is on the highest international level. In order to maintain this standard, every year about 700 emergency personnel are on duty. They provide a tight network of stationary first aid posts and mobile emergency crews. “With comprehensive quality management and the constant analysis of accident-prone areas, weather conditions, and points of heightened need, we can provide the best allocation of our medics and doctors,” says Medical Director Dr. Lars Brechtel.

In order to prevent the doctors and medics from having to spend too much time taking care of minor injuries and ailments, such as blister, the BMW BERLIN MARATHON Medical Team places great emphasis on information and prevention.

“A few incidents could be avoided if participants knew more about their bodies and would take early warnings more seriously,” Brechtel explains. For some runners and skaters, that could mean giving up starting for the sake of their health. “Runners sometimes think that they are healthy because they run. That is a dangerous illusion that can have dire consequences. What starts with a cold or infection can lead to serious cardiovascular diseases,” the Medical Director continues. Many too many participants do not yet understand the purpose of health and sport check-ups, which in some countries like France and Italy are required to participate. We will continue working towards making such check-ups a matter of course habit that they understand are good for them, according to the Medical Director of the BMW BERLIN MARATHON. For more information about the suggestions by the Medical team for each age group, visit http://www.medical-institute-berlin.de/gesundheit-sportmedizin/check-up/

And here are some more tips for participants to help avoid health incidents:

It is taboo to take any painkillers within 48 hours of the start and at least 8 hours after the BMW BERLIN MARATHON, as Diclofenac, Iboprofen etc. can limit the functioning of the kidneys during the race, leading up to complete kidney failure or severe cardiovascular problems.

It is suggested to NOT wear new shoes—competition shoes should be worn in for two months.

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