46th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 29 September 2019

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Wheelchair competitors & Handbikers

  • Auxiliary drives & Kneeling bikes

    Auxiliary drives of any kind are not allowed

    Kneeling bikes are not allowed in the race.

  • Race number pick-up / MARATHON EXPO

    If you are coming by public transport, please use subway line U6 to Paradestrasse, as this is the only station nearby with an elevator. The entrance is through Gate 11 (Tempelhofer Damm). If you come by car, please drive to Gate 11 (Tempelhofer Damm). There we will have a separate parking lot for you (official parking permit required).

  • Along the Course

    There will be a separate lead car for the wheelchair and hand cyclists. Any danger points along the course are marked with a yellow flag. There are tram tracks at km 8, so please drive carefully and heed the yellow flags.

  • Car parking

    A limited number of car parking spaces (only with an official special parking permit) is available the Altonaer Str. (in the driving direction from the Grosser Stern roundabout to Hansaplatz). Wheelchair and hand cycle accessible toilets are available in this area as well. Further parking spaces, if necessary, are in Fasanenstrasse, near the Charlottenburg Gate.

  • Eligibility

    Regardless of the type of disablement, the participation is only possible if the person that wants to participate is able to finish the race by oneself.

  • Finish / Award Ceromony and ranking

    For wheelchair and hand cyclists the finish has two 4m-wide gates. Timing takes place when you cross the ChampionChip mat at the finish. Approximately 200 m after the finish (after medals and warming blankets) at the intersection Strasse des 17. Juni / Yitzhak-Rabin-Str. go straight to the Meeting Point. At the finish together with runners. Please do not make an end spurt! You endanger others and yourself. Please, leave the finish area quickly, the runners are coming.

    Award ceremony and ranking
    There will be an award ceremony for the first 3 women and men (wheelchair and recumbents) in a timely manner after the finish across from the grandstands. Volunteers will guide you after the finish line.

  • General Info / Helmets

    Wearing a safety helmet is mandatory. No start without a helmet. The company Seeger hilft GmbH & Co. KG will be on site for the technical wheelchair service on Sunday, 29 September 2019 in the starting area at 7 am. If you need to stop the race, have a technical breakdown, etc.,Seeger hilft GmbH & Co. KG will also be on the track with a service vehicle available. Please have suitable tires and other spare parts with you. If it is no longer possible to finish the competition, transport from the track to the finish is available via the Johanniter Unfallhilfe. A transport vehicle will accompany the competition ahead of the top of the runners' field and take over transports. Please contact one of the volunteers along the course if you need these services.

  • Meeting Point

    The meeting point for your support team, the wheelchair drop-off, changing facilities and toilets are all located on the north side of the boulevard Strasse des 17. June / Bellevueallee near the start. Secure tents are available here, marked with the wheelchair and hand cyclist pictogram.
    Due to the size of the BMW BERLIN MARATHON, it is not possible for accompanying persons to enter the direct start / finish area. There will be sufficient professional staff present to provide any needed assistance and information. After crossing the finish line the players can find their companions again at the Meeting Point to change wheelchairs. After the race, finisher bags await the participants in these tents. After the finish, the barrier on Strasse des 17. Juni will be opened for wheelchair / hand cyclists once the last runners have left their blocks, to allow access to the tents. The tents will be secured until 2 pm.

  • Start / Starting times

    Start  The start will be lined up at 8:25 am. Late arrivals will be lined up at the back!  Starting times:
    Hand cyclists – Elite (see starting list) 8:50 am
    Wheelchair athletes 8:56 am
    Hand cyclists 8:59 am
    Access for wheelchair users and hand cyclists as well as the security check will be carried out via the northern pedestrian path of Strasse des 17. Juni. Access via Strasse des 17. Juni is not possible. For warm-up, Strasse des 17. Juni can be used within the secured starting area.Failure to follow the instructions at the start may result in the participant being excluded. Starting line up below!

  • Technical service

    The Seeger hilft company will be providing technical services for wheelchairs at the starting area from 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, September 24th. You may also request earlier service by calling:

    0173 8788109 (Reparaturdienst Seeger hilft)

    Protective helmets are required! You may not compete without a helmet!

    If you quit or have a breakdown, the company Seeger hilft campany will assist you.

    Please have the correct replacement tubing available!

  • Time keeping

    All participants will be registered and times will be kept using the ChampionChip.

    We recommend that you use the specially protected Bike-ChampionsChip. Do not use the yellow runner chip. Mika Timing will replace your yellow chip for a special chip at no cost.

    Attach the chip as near as possible to the axe of the front wheel.

    Attention! To guarantee timekeeping:

    The chip may not have any direct contact with metal. Take care that is no metal between the chip and the street!

  • Type of disablement

    Wheelchair Racing:

    T 1 Quadriplegic Tetraplegia C5/C6

    No functionality of the legs, trunk or fingers; no ability to straighten the elbows

    T 2 Quadriplegic Tetraplegia C6/C7

    No functionality of the legs or trunk; limited hand functionality; arms and shoulders fully functional

    T 3/4 Quadriplegic Paraplegia and other disabilities (e.g. amputations)

    Full arm and hand functionality; limited to full trunk functionality; some impaired leg functionality.


    Hand Cyclists:

    H1–H4 Recumbent hand cycle or adaptive bike

    H1 Tetraplegia C6 and higher

    Limited functionality of the arms and hands; severe limitations to straightening the elbows; limited temperature regulation

    H2 Tetraplegia C7/C8

    Limited functionality of the arms and hands; limited temperature regulation

    H3 Paraplegia up to TH10

    Limited trunk stability

    H4 Paraplegia from TH11 to L4, leg amputations

    Limited or no lower leg functionality; double upper leg amputations; normal or almost normal trunk stability

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