45th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 16 September 2018

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  • TIPS for the best viewing spots

    If you want to experience the BMW BERLIN MARATHON as a spectator, you will have the opportunity to watch the runners at multiple spots along the course. The best way is by taking the subways (U-Bahn) and elevated trains (S-Bahn).  If you are willing and able to walk a little, you can catch the field at numerous points. Whether you want to cheer on a friend or just experience the field of runners, keep in mind that for some connections it could be tight getting there in time. Please have a look at the anticipated intermediate times for runners moving at various paces.


    Ride to the Victory Column (Siegessäule). Stay on the northern side of the grand boulevard, Strasse des 17. Juni. You can look down toward the Brandenburg Gate for the start. The runners will approach and reach the Victory Column after about 600 metres.  Then ride down Altonaer Strasse and take a right down Lessingstrasse and Stromstrasse to kilometre 5 in Alt Moabit. Then head back south, passing the Victory Column again and continuing straight on, until you reach the corner of Grunewaldstrasse/Martin-Luther-Strasse at kilometre 33. Then trace back a little bit to cross Lützowufer to reach Potsdamer Strasse and Potsdamer Platz at kilometre 37.5. Ride or walk next to the course on the north side of Leipziger Strasse until you reach Wilhelmstrasse. Head down Wilhelmstrasse and you will quickly be at the final stretch on Unter den Linden.


    The subway station Hansaplatz (Line 9) is only about one kilometre from the starting stretch at the Victory Column (Siegessäule). Just walk down Altonaer Strasse. Then return to Hansaplatz and take the subway south to Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz (kilometre 25). After that you can take the subway back to Zoologischer Garten and change over to the S-Bahn, taking it to Friedrichstrasse. From there, it is only a few steps to the long final stretch down Unter den Linden (kilometre 41).  It is also convenient to take subway Line 7.  After watching the start on Strasse des 17. Juni, take Line 9 at Hansaplatz and change lines at Berliner Strasse, getting on Line 7 toward Rudow .  Get off at Hermannplatz (kilometre 16). If you get a quick connection, you can catch the runners again at kilometre 21 by getting out at Eisenacher Strasse (going back the direction you just came from, toward end station Rathaus Steglitz). Then get back on and continue on in that direction, getting off at Konstanzer Strasse (kilometre 31). Then, finally, get back on the subway and take it toward Rudow, changing trains at Yorckstrasse to get on the elevated train heading north to Unter den Linden (kilometer 42).


    That is no problem at the BMW BERLIN MARATHON.  You will be able to see much more than just the start and finish, too. There are two options at the start: On the south side, there will be open free grandstands for family and friends directly at the starting line; the second prime viewing spot will be on the north side of the boulevard, Strasse des 17. Juni. After enjoying the start, go north through Tiergarten and turn right into John-Foster-Dulles-Allee. Take a left in front of the Reichstag until you reach kilometre 6.5 on Otto-von-Bismarck-Allee. Then walk back a short bit and go down Scheidemannstrassse and Dorotheenstrasse until turning right onto Wilhelmstrasse (kilometre 6.5). This brings you back to the final stretch on Unter den Linden. You can then enter the free grandstands on both the north and south side at the FINISH LINE VILLAGE to welcome home the runners. There will be stands with refreshments, and you can pick up your souvenirs at the BMW BERLIN MARATHON merchandising stand. Entrance to the FINISH LINE VILLAGE is free. No dogs or bikes are allowed in this area, however. As with other large events, there will security checks of all bags as you enter.

    Major tourist attractions along the course

    The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON offers one of the most attractive courses at the 42.195 k distance. Not only is the course in Germany’s capital flat and ideal for setting personal bests, but it is also extremely attractive for tourists. A sightseeing tour could not have more spots in its program. The loop course it is great for spectators following the race. Live music – ranging in style from classical to jazz to samba – lines the course. Below you will find the major tourist attractions along the course of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON:


    0.6 k – Siegessäule (Victory Column)

    The 70-metre tall column is the first Berlin landmark along the course, which will be circled by the runners along both sides. The Siegessäule has a viewing platform.

    6.5 k – Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery) and Reichstag

    Runners will approach the Bundeskanzleramt and the Reichstag. The Reichstag houses the Bundestag (German Parliament) and provides spectacular views of Berlin from atop the copula.

    23 k – Schöneberg City Hall

    The former seat of the West Berlin Senate, John F. Kennedy spoke the famous words: „Ich bin ein Berliner“ here in 1963.

    28 k – Wilder Eber (Wild Boar)

    The roundabout at „The Wild Boar“ is traditionally a highlight along the course. In this noble Berlin residential area, many spectators and a samba band assure great atmosphere.

    34 k – Kurfürstendamm

    The course passes the famous boulevard Kurfürstendamm where masses of spectators gather for a whole kilometer. The finish was located on the Ku’damm from 1981 to 2000. It was then moved to Tauentzienstraße, where it remained until it was changed again in 2003.

    34.5 k – Gedächtniskirche

    (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church)

    The Gedächtniskirche is one of the major landmarks in Berlin. Built in 1895 and destroyed in WWII, the church stands in partial ruins as a memorial.

    35,5 k – KaDeWe

    The KaDeWe is one of the largest and most famous department stores in Europe.

    38 k – National Gallery and the Philharmonics

    On Potsdamer Straße the runners reach the National Gallery (on the left) and the Staatsbibliothek (State Library) on the opposite side. The Philharmonie (Philharmonics) follows on the left.

    38.5 k – Potsdamer Platz

    The Potsdamer Platz (Potsdamer Square) was once the melting point of pre-war Berlin. After years of construction it has come back to life. Runners should check out the Sony Center located on the left.

    41 k – Unter den Linden

    The splendid boulevard is run in its full length. Among other sites, it passes the Zeughaus Museum on the right and the Kronprinzenpalais across from it. Shortly thereafter follows the Humboldt University (on the right) and the Deutsche Staatsoper (German State Opera) on the opposite side.

    42 k – Brandenburg Gate

    The Brandenburg Gate is Germany’s most famous landmark. The Berlin Wall used to stand on this seam separating the East and West. Since 2003, the course of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON has passed through the Brandenburg Gate just before the finish. Those wishing to witness world-class results or the great joy of masses of runners crossing the finish line should come early to secure a spot in this area


    For further information have a look on our interactive map.


    Stay tuned: Track your athletes and find many more helpful insights and features about the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON in our official event app. More info here.

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