Hydration systems project

Make your contribution to the environmental management of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

Be a part of the SCC EVENTS hydration systems project

Thumbs up for all those who run with a hydration system and thus protect the environment. With the SCC EVENTS hydration system project, you can now also help run and make the BMW BERLIN MARATHON even greener. 

The environment is especially important to us endurance athletes, as we interact with it during competition and training.

What would a long jog in the forest be without fresh air?  
For SCC EVENTS, intelligent environmental management is a matter of course.

We are continuously developing our long-standing environmental protection measures. Now you can help us make the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON even greener.
After all, we all want a clean environment that we can thrive in.  


 We are looking for participants

One environmental impact of the BMW BERLIN MARATHON is the waste along the supply points, such as that created by approximately 800,000 PET recycled disposable cups.

Even if the streets of Berlin are as tidy after our cleanup as they were before the event, we want to act in a more resource-conserving way.

One of our approaches in this area is to save cups by having athletes wear hydration systems.

In order to obtain tangible results for future environmental protection measures, the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON 2021 has set up a hydration system project.

For this project we are looking for participants of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON who will compete while wearing their own hydration backpack, vest or a belt for self-supply.


Your support is needed

After the event, we will contact these participants by email and ask them about their experiences.

You want to do your bit for the environment and become part of the hydration systems project? Then we look forward to your support!

To do so, please register by e-mail no later than September 20, 2021, at trinksysteme@scc-events.com with your last name, first name, year of birth and zip code. 

By registering to participate, you agree that we may contact you via email for further processing as well as for a subsequent survey.

Of course, you can revoke your consent to participate at any time in writing at trinksysteme@scc-events.com.

You can find the data protection information for the hydration systems project here.


Approved hydration systems

The following hydration systems are approved for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON:

1. Hydration backpack or vest:

  • Back compartment with a maximum volume of 3 litres to hold hydration bladders
  • Front pockets for water bottles (max. 0.5 litres each)
  • Front pockets for small items (cell phone, keys, etc.)

2. Hydration belt:

  • pockets for water bottles (max. 0.5 litres each)
  • compartments for small items (cell phone, keys, etc.)

Refill stations for the above-mentioned hydration systems are set up at the supply points. Not permitted are backpacks and vests of any kind with pockets/compartments larger than 3 litres. Please note that there will be bag checks at the entrance.