Bittersüßes Gift Rock-Pop

The band was founded in 2008 when guitarist and composer Secca di Polvere met Elena xxx and Stephan M. The crowds dance and rock to their strong power songs—and dream and melt to their soft deep ballads. Whether hard or soft, melodic original tunes come together like they were made for one another, with German texts you can relate too—or lose yourself in. The musicians come from all over Berlin, with the creative core from Pankow/Wedding.

They have been part of the Berlin Marathon since 2010, and can be otherwise seen at Berlin clubs and street festivals.

Elena: “For us, it is not only a sports event, but also a colourful party that we celebrate together with the runners. We are total fans of the runners in costumes and love to see the diversity and fantasy of the outfits. The first year a runner who had a chicken on his head waved to me—I could hardly concentrate on singing when the little chicken legs wobbled back and forth on his head. I will never forget that image. But that is just one of many costumes that we have enjoyed over the years—it is great!


Standort beim km 37

Bülowstrasse after Nollendorfplatz


Die Band

Elena (Singer)
Secca di Polvere (Guitar)
Stephan M. (Keyboard, Background singer)
Peter (Bass)
Christoph (Drums)