Disco power on the final metres Rock-Pop

Goosebumps as you pass through the Brandenburg Gate. The finish is in sight. The grandstands on the left and right are filled with cheering spectators. And the absolute highlight: the marathon heroes are greeted by a song from their home country. The moderator celebrates them personally, announcing where they are from. Those picked out by the announcer experience a very special finish in front of their fans. How does that work, actually?

After the relocation of the finish area to the Brandenburg Gate, the announcer and DJs came up with something very special. Here, at the most emotional point for the runners, the spirits are charged to their highest point. The grandstands and video walls allow for a perfect view of the finish. A camera installed at the arch at the finish captures the approaching heroes, the race number is entered into the system, and quickly they have a name and nationality. DJ and announcer react rapidly and the finish become a breath-taking experience. Jean-Claude from Lyon gets to hear Edith Piaf’s “Je ne regrette rien”, Frida from Lund gets her final boost from “Pippi Longstockings”, João from Rio de Janeiro dances the Samba to “Brazil” and Sabine from Giessen in Germany flies to the finish line to “Die Hesse komme!”.

It doesn’t get any better. The wave of excitement continues from the first to the last runner.


Standort beim km 42

Brandenburg Gate

Die Band

Karsten Holland, Robert Fekl, Thomas Koch, Jörg Günzel