ERDINGER Alkoholfrei PowerZone Hotspot

A one-of-a-kind atmosphere

The last few kilometres of a marathon are especially difficult: the runners already have many miles on their feet and legs and the marathon is almost over, so now they just have to clench their teeth and push through to the end. The closer they get to the finish, the more difficult each step becomes … and then suddenly, at just the right moment, they hear the captivating rhythms and the cheers of the spectators as they enter the ERDINGER Alkoholfrei PowerZone!

Here at the 42 km mark, moderator Mike-Mike will get the runners motivated and the rhythms of DJane Lemongrass will carry them on to the end. Together they make a perfect team, interacting seamlessly with a very professional and captivating performance that gets both the runners and spectators fired up. They will be supported by the Lunatics, a professional cheerleader group from Dresden, who will perform with a team of about 25 to cheer on the athletes.

The runners will inhale the exhilarating atmosphere in the ERDINGER Alkoholfrei PowerZone, giving them new strength for the last metres. With this extra motivation, they will be ready to continue on to the highly anticipated finish line. When they get there, every “road hero and heroine” will have a cool ERDINGER Alkoholfrei waiting, providing the well-earned refreshment they need. The suffering from the past hours will be quickly forgotten and the exhausted legs will rapidly recover so they can go on to celebrate.

Standort beim km 42

Unter den Linden / Wilhelmstraße