Fry & Friends Rock-Pop

Fry & Friends was created especially for the marathon from a pool of musicians from various groups, and they have been performing for 5 years. They often play at company events in the area of Cologne/ /Düsseldorf/Siegen, but also perform beyond that area for special events, such as the festival in Avignon. Their marathon weekend means about 15 hours of driving to be part of the celebration in Berlin.

Friedel Martiny: “When someone breaks out of the mass of runners to come to the microphone and sing with us, we always feel a special tie to the marathon athletes.”


Standort beim km 24

Hauptstrasse Aral Gas Station

Die Band

Roger Schuler (Guitar, Singer)
Bastian Kopp (Keyboard, Guitar, Singer)
Thomas Hahn (Drums)
Oliver Gartner (Guitar, Singer)
Ferdinand Schneider (Keyboard)
Frieda Martini (Bass)