Jay Henri´s Rhythm Connection Jazz

Bandleader Jörn Heinrich leads a double life: not only is he a professional musician and bassist with international concerts and festivals under his belt, he is also a doctor of philosophy and economic history. Even academics can have fun with this band. The group plays at jazz festivals all over Europe, at government venues such as the state consulates, the State Department, at embassies, exhibitions and academies—and anywhere else they are requested. The musicians all live in the central district, Mitte, and they have been part of the BERLIN MARATHON since 2002.

Jörn Heinrich: “The marathon is a fantastic sports fest. We love it when the runners “moonwalk” past us, or do some other funny antics.”


Standort beim km 10

Torstrasse 32


Die Band

Bandleader Jörn Heinrich 
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