Sapucaiu no samba Samba

Sapucaiu no Samba has been playing at the musically most popular hot spot of the course, the Wilder Eber, since 1998. The drummers give their all on the stage, while the cheerleaders seduce the runners to a dance with the crowd celebrating with them.

Sapucaiu no Samba was founded as a German-Brazilian cultural project just before the debut of the marathon. They have gotten first prize four times at a competition that is part of the Karneval der Kulturen, which takes place each Pentecost in Kreuzberg. At the colourful multicultural parade they perform with over 100 drummers and 100 dancers from 7 countries.

Dietrich Kollöffel: “The atmosphere at the Wilder Eber is breath-taking. We can really motivate the runners from our stage. It is great to have so many runners take the time to dance with us during their marathon race.”


Standort beim km 28

Lentzeallee - at Wilden Eber


Die Band

Director: Dietrich Kollöffel
40 Drummers

Director: Nathalie Krause
15 Cheerleaders