Séssé Percussion

Séssé Percussion was founded in the summer of 2010 by three drummers from the genre Westafro. Rhythm Nathan Berg (Drumschool Beat-Etage) went on a search for young talents and helped grow the group to include 9 musicians. His vision has long been to keep the Malinke percussion rhythms true to their basic form, but to add other instruments to them to make a mix that everyone can enjoy and would get people up dancing and celebrating. They have been quite successful in doing so with their combination of a hip hop heavy drum kit, jazz funk saxophones, samples from the DJ and close work with a variety of young and expressive dancers. Séssé Percussion performs around Germany at diverse parties and events, and they have been part of the BERLIN MARATHON since 2010. They practice in the district of Alt-Treptow.

Standort beim km 14



Die Band

Director: Nathan Berg

7-9 Drummers