Wasabi Daiko Percussion

They performed under the name wasabi daiko for the first time in 2006. They premiered at the BERLIN MARATHON in 2008.

Daiko is distinguished by its combination of rhythm and movement. The overall picture of the group is what makes it work—the body posture, the stature and movement within the group with their power, precision, and discipline, optically supporting the drumming. The body positions—and the drumming techniques that result—are decisive for the sound of the beats and the dynamics of the rhythms. They play at street festivals, birthdays and company events. The drummers come from all over Berlin and the surroundings, and they practice in the district of Prenzlauer Berg. 

Kathrin Bruck: “The marathon is always a fantastic experience. It is a great feeling to support the runners in their mammoth project, to know that you played a part in helping them complete the 42 kilometres. Nowhere else do you receive so much gratitude from the audience. It is simply fabulous. One time we were located at the kilometre 31 and drummed for five or six hours in the beating sun. That was really hard for us to, and even ended with one drummer suffering heatstroke. It was an experience I will never forget.”


Standort beim km 7

Kanzleramt Moltke-Brücke (Bridge)


Die Band

Anita Stöcklein
Katrin Bruck
Lilo Fischer
and 4 more drummers