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Save the Date September 29th 2019
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Ecumenical Evening Prayer

Ecumenical Evening Prayer

at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial-Church

The ecumenical marathon-prayer takes place at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial Church from 4 p.m. to 4:45 p.m..


Topic: Stand up!


We'll celebrate the marathon-service with God and many runners from all around the world.

Before the start and in the middle of life. We slow down, sing and pray, feel the community and take the enjoyment with us to the start.

They exist. Runners who say that running is part of their life.

They enjoy nature, know all seasons and feel that running is good for them.

They leave worries and distress behind. 

They get up and and start running-again and again! They get in motion; together with others or alone. Feel the breath. The body is in harmony with mind and soul when the pace is right.

The ones who trust in God know the highs and lows, exhausting stages of life and the easy runs through good times.

We friendly invite you to a short spiritual break before the start of the marathon.


The service is arranged by: 

Martin Germer, minister at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Padre Damian Bieger OFM, St. Ludwig Berlin

Service: Peter Burkowski and Dr. Lars Charbonnier, both minister work for the "Führungsakademie für Kirche und Diakonie in Berlin " and are in the final preparations for the BMW Berlin-Marathon.